Tower Of Fantasy Bullet Time, How To Complete The Challenge #1!

The Tower Of Fantasy Bullet Time event has arrived, and all of you want to know how to complete it. In their most recent update, version 2.2 Mirafleur Moonshade, was recently released. Tower of Fantasy added a tonne of new challenges, Simulacrum, and events.

Three distinct events the Float Parade, Creature Clash, or Bullet Time take place during the Winter Festival. And today we will see Tower Of Fantasy Bullet Time event and know all about it. How to complete it and what things we will need to complete the challenge.

Keep in mind all these activities will take place between December 24, 2022, and January 11, 2023. So let’s start the article and know how to complete the Tower Of Fantasy Bullet Time challenge.

What To Do In The Tower Of Fantasy Bullet Time Challenge?

Tower Of Fantasy Bullet Time

In the Tower Of Fantasy Bullet Time Challenge wanderers fight one another with weapons and Relics, which are recharged at regular intervals. When they arrive, each Wanderer will also have 800 of their copper bloom taken away.

You will lose some of your copper bloom each time you are attacked. You will acquire copper bloom for every successful attack. When the copper bloom reaches zero, you lose the game, this is what you have to do in Tower Of Fantasy Bullet Time.


What Is Copper Bloom In Tower Of Fantasy And Why It Is Important In Bullet Time Challenge?

The Tower Of Fantasy Copper bloom is a unique token that can only be used at Joy Square. When exchanging this back for mira, there is a limit, and don’t get things too quickly. Exchange Mira for this at the entrance. To attack other players, collect copper bloom by looting weapons or artifacts. When the copper bloom hits 0, the game is over for you.

How to Complete the Tower Of Fantasy Bullet Time?

To complete the Tower Of Fantasy Bullet Time, you have to first take part in the event. If you don’t know how to participate, don’t worry we got you. So to take part in this event, just like in Creature Clash.

Tower Of Fantasy Bullet Time

You must finish Ecological Station Intrudes. 800 copper blooms must be consumed in Bullet Time in Tower Of Fantasy for you to be competitive. You can fight other Wanderers because the event will upgrade weapons or relics at various intervals.

When you fight your opponents, you can gain copper blooms however, if you are attacked, you may loss copper blossoms. If your copper blooms are reduced to zero, the match will conclude.

And depending on your level, you will receive Festival Coins. Additionally, you get to keep the copper blossoms you gathered after the occasion. This is how you can complete the Tower Of Fantasy Bullet Time challenge.

How Many Festival Coins you will Get After Completing The Tower Of Fantasy Bullet Time Challenge?

Over the holiday season, Version 2.2 has a tonne of events planned, including Float Parade, Create Clash, as well as Bullet Time. All of the events get you festival coins by completing them. Today we are seeing Tower Of Fantasy Bullet Time, if you want us to make posts of other Challenges comment to us we will make them on these topics also.

As you can get Festival Coins from each of these events and are using them to get rewards. You can participate in three events to earn Festival Coins, as you can see from the list above. You can only receive 1,000 Festival Coins on the first day of all of these three events, each will have a common cap.

The maximum number of coins would be 19,000 thanks to a daily growth of 1,000 Festival Coins. The Events Store is where you may exchange your Festival Coins, although some things come with restrictions and require a minimum number of tokens.

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