Jubokko COD Mobile: How To Defeat?

In this topic we will see about the Jubokko COD Mobile, Zombies mode has finally made its way to Call of Duty Mobile, which is wonderful news for anyone who has been eager to fend against the undead since Android and iOS adaption launched back in October.

The Shi No Numa mini-map that comes with this popular feature has a boss battle easter egg with the plant like creature called Jubokko COD Mobile. We have to defeat the Jubokko COD Mobile in order to get the easter egg in Zombie mode. This post will explain all we need to understand about how to find and fight the deadly easter egg monster and how to defeat Jubokko COD Mobile in Mobile, whether or not we’re using controller support.

Find Jubokko COD Mobile To Defeat And Get Easter Egg:-

Jubokko COD Mobile

Who has ever looked for an Easter Egg in the zombie COD Mobile mode since it’s entertaining to not reveal every Easter egg? But if you do, be ready to battle boss Zombie Jubokko if we do discover it. He finds it difficult to forget we had no idea that the zombie mode has an easter egg hidden underneath it, but it only appears on Shi No Kuma Hardcore Raid.

This Easter egg hunt is not tough to finish, but in order to avoid confusion, our route must be accurate. Easter eggs resemble the cryptic clues and games left by COD Mobile. We will encounter Jubokko COD Mobile in our final and most challenging existence, and we must overcome him.

Quite difficult, but also with the buffs located at secret places. If we play with a team and everybody is assigned a task, it will somewhat assist us.

How To Defeat Jubokko COD Mobile?

In Call of Duty Mobile’s Zombies, Jubokko is a scary plant-like boss who resembles Groot but has blue eyes & back hair instead of green. He is by no means an easy opponent to beat, but we must always maintain a safe distance to dodge his footfalls and unpredictable fist slams.

Make sure we shoot his blue skulls out of the sky instead of attempting to flee when they approach us. Additionally, if we and our teammates are facing off against Groot’s more aggressive and hostile brother, we should divide up the responsibilities.

Jubokko COD Mobile is a bighead that just can’t miss, so one person should just keep shooting him in the face while the other person should strive to take out all of the zombies which keep popping up.

After Defeating Jubokko COD Mobile, How To Unlock Easter Egg?

Jubokko COD Mobile

For Call of Duty Mobile’s Zombies, the easter egg boss battle must be unlocked by playing on Hardcore Raid difficulty. Once we have selected Hardcore difficulty and entered on Shi No Numa map on Raid mode, we will need to find two gears in the lower levels of the main structure. Fix the elevator using these tools so we can travel.

Put our reading glasses away and read the note on the left to learn more about the lore before shooting the blue plants. After we have done destroying nature, enter to computer room & pull the lever to start the hidden Jubokko COD Mobile the boss battle.

This is all we want to shear you guys, make to follow all the steps to defeat the Jubokko COD Mobile and get the easter egg. There are more ways to get Easter Egg, if you want to know please leave a comment in the comment box. And like our post, if you found it useful to guys. And last but not least please follow Gaming Acharya

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