Dragon Sword Dragon Nest 2: Leaks & Latest Updates!

Today we gonna see about the Dragon Sword Dragon Nest 2, which trailer recently released. It seen to been very interesting and we all want to know more about it. Because in the trailer there is not enough information is given about the Dragon Sword Dragon Nest 2.

So don’t worry about it we are here to tell you and give information what we have. As Hound 13 has made the formal announcement of their newest project, Dragon Sword Dragon Nest 2. Former employees of the Dragon Nest development team created the firm Hound 13.

In the first trailer for Dragon Sword Dragon Nest 2, a brand-new Unreal Engine 5 game project for PC and mobile platforms. It was released by South Korean game designer, Hound 13 just before the year 2022 came to an end.

Although Hound 13 hasn’t been given an official name yet, it was established by former staff members of Eyedentity Games company. The company that created the popular PC MMORPG Dragon Nest.

For mobile devices, Hound 13 has so far only launched the action role-playing game Hundred Soul. Lets see more about the Dragon Sword Dragon Nest 2, the latest news.

What Things Will You Get In Dragon Sword Dragon Nest 2?

Dragon Sword Dragon Nest 2

By using Unreal Engine 5, the action-RPG game Dragon Sword Dragon Nest 2 was created. We can see how the themes of Dragon Sword Dragon Nest 2 and Genshin Impact are similar from the trailer.

In Dragon Sword in Dragon Nest 2, the emphasis is on team-based battle against a horde of enemies or a powerful boss. The graphic aesthetic has a faint Genshin Impact influence. Except this brief summary on Hound 13’s website, not much is known right now regarding Dragon Sword Dragon Nest 2.

What Is The Aim Of Dragon Sword Dragon Nest 2?

A semi-open game structure built on fields and other interactions is being designed for Dragon Sword Dragon Nest 2. Which aims for manual motion play with such a sense of hitting coupled with in-depth situations.

The objective is to develop a bright, light, yet immersive action based on the charming character visual concept that can be transmitted both domestically and internationally. It intends to offer cross-platform services that support PC and mobile devices at the same time while utilising Unreal Engine.

More About The Dragon Sword Dragon Nest 2 And How Much Invested In The Game To Develop?

20 billion won, or 15.7 million dollars, was invested in the Korean company in 2021 by Singaporean publisher Garena. Which would be in charge of handling global publishing for two games. The first is a narrative-based action role-playing game for the PC called Dragon Sword.

While the second is a High Fictional Fantasy setting called Project M. Because the creators haven’t revealed any additional information regarding what they will be bringing to their most recent game. We’ll see what Hound 13 may offer to make this fresh game superior to Genshin Impact.

The developer also doesn’t offer any other details regarding the game’s release date. It appears like Dragon Sword Dragon Nest 2 is in the development phase until it is formally published worldwide.

Final Words About Dragon Sword Dragon Nest 2:-

Dragon Sword Dragon Nest 2

It’s challenging to predict how combat will play out. Whether or not this game is actually multiplayer is something else we’re still unsure of. It seems to be focused on the small group of people moving around.

But could also be more like Genshin Impact in that a small number of people occasionally get together to do something special. However, it appears intriguing and will undoubtedly be worth paying closer attention to.

This is it for now, we give all the information we got. If we get new update about the Dragon Sword Dragon Nest 2, we will shear with you. Or if you like our post then please follow Gaming Acharya. And comment if you have any queries.

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