Signature Attachment In COD Mobile: Hot to Get Striker?

Today we will see about the Signature attachment in COD mobile. In order to be effective in battle, the Striker COD mobile shotgun, like the AA-12, relies significantly more on volume of fire than it does on one-shot lethality.

Because of its low damage per pellet and low per-shot pellet count. The Striker COD Mobile may be the shotgun in the game with the lowest consistency for one-shot kills. The COD Mobile Striker, however, succeeds in circumstances where other shotguns find it difficult to get one shot kills.

The Striker COD Mobile has a massive damage output plus good consistency because to its ability to unleash significant volumes of sustained fire in addition to fast follow-up shots. In this post, we will see all about the signature attachment in COD Mobile.

More About The Striker COD Mobile:-

Signature Attachment In COD Mobile

Shotgun with a longer range and less damage is called the Striker. The Striker COD Mobile will do 15 damage per pellet at a range of fifteen metres, which translates to eight pellets needed to kill. Beyond fifteen metres, the Striker is unaffected. Of all shotguns, the Striker’s one-shot killing capacity is arguably the worst.

The Striker COD Mobile fires fewer pellets per shot as well as dealing less damage per pellet. The Striker has a poor one-shot capability but a constant damage profile throughout and slightly longer overall range unlike many shotguns, matching the Model 1887 in terms of range.

What Are The Signature Attachment In COD Mobile :-

Following are the attachment of Striker COD Mobile.

  1. Red Dot Sight
  2. Silencer
  3. Grip
  4. FMJ
  5. Holographic Sight
  6. Extended Mags

The Grip significantly increases centerspeed, which reduces the recoil of the Striker COD Mobile. The Grip is the only attachment of any real significance until Extended Mags is unlocked, even though recoil is generally not a significant concern with shotguns.

The COD Mobile Striker’s penetrating power is increased by FMJ. Given that shotguns’ middling penetration power even with FMJ installed makes them poor candidates for FMJ, the attachment can usually be safely disregarded.

The best attachment is Extended Mags because it is the only one that offers the COD Mobile Striker any useful advantages. The addition boosts the Striker’s shell capacity to 18 rounds. The maximum number of rounds a shotgun in Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer can hold.

And reduces the amount of ammunition that has to be put into the Striker. The Striker takes substantially longer to reload from an empty magazine to full, but with careful ammo management, this should not be a major problem. Once unlocked, this attachment should be used instead of any others.

Damage Of Striker COD Mobile :-

Signature Attachment In COD Mobile

Stopping Power considerably enhances the Striker’s damage profile. The Striker deals 35 damage / pellet at any distance less than 7.5 metres, and a one-shot kill is possible with three hits out of six from a single shot. Damage is linearly reduced up to fifteen metres.

The Striker will do 21 damage each pellet at a range of fifteen metres, and 5 out of 6 pellets must connect for a one-shot death. Beyond fifteen metres, the Striker is unaffected. The Striker’s ability to kill in one shot is significantly enhanced by Stopping Power.

Fire Rate And Accuracy Of Striker COD Mobile :-

The Striker has a very good fire rate. The Striker has a 352 RPM firecap and is semi-automatic. Only the AA-12 routinely outperforms this among shotguns.

The Striker has normal shotgun accuracy. The Striker’s iron sights are irrelevant since, as is the case with other shotguns in Modern Warfare 2, using the sights to aim down the barrel is not helpful in any way. The Striker is comparable to SMGs in terms of its good hip-fire spread to other shotguns.

Handle Characteristics Of Striker COD Mobile :-

The way the Striker handles is standard for a shotgun. Users of the Striker can strafe at 40% of basic movement speed, but they can only move at 100% of base movement speed. Reloads on the Striker might take a while because they are done shell by shell.

Users of the Striker will have to control it meticulously. because it is simple to jam the magazine full of ammunition, which may force the operator to reload more frequently than actually fire the Striker.

The Shell Capacity Of Striker COD Mobile :-

The Striker’s magazine holds twelve rounds, which is an excellent number of shells. Additionally, the Striker has a great initial ammo loadout at 36 rounds, enabling the user to wield the weapon for extended periods of time before run out of ammunition.

The Signature Striker in COD Mobile is compatible with the usual selection of shotgun attachments. Since the aim down sight feature is ineffective and the optical attachments offer no real advantages to the Striker, it is prudent to disregard them.

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