Liskanoth WoW Dragonflight Location, #1 Easy Quest Guide!

The lady boss Liskanoth WoW Dragonflight has finally gone live. The fourth and final boss in WoW Dragonflight for this week is now live. And you can find Liskanoth the Futurebane at the Thaldraszus. Here’s How to Get Liskanth WoW guide and Liskanth location WoW Dragonflight guide from our GA end.

The fourth and final WoW Dragonflight boss from the dragon isles region is live and spawning from Thaldraszus. Now you can also fight against the Liskanoth WoW Dragonflight boss in the new world quest.

Liskanoth is a frost drake and ice element boss from the Thaldraszus. She keeps spawning over there and also drops item level 395 loot to all the WoW Dragonflight expansion players.

Liskanoth WoW – How to Get Liskanoth WoW Dragonflight?

The long awaited Liskanoth boss from WoW Dragonflight expansion is finally live, and here’s everything about the new Liskanoth boss WoW Dragonflight wow quest and location.

Liskanoth WoW Dragonflight

Liskanoth location WoW Dragonflight is Thaldraszus. The Futurebane or well known as Liskanoth holds ice powers and elements. Those who try to invade the regions of Thaldraszus will never survive against her in WoW Dragonflight, as such is her caliber and prowess.

The new Liskanoth world boss in WoW Dragonflight is live now, and you can spot her spawning in WoW Dragonflight dragon isles at her home place Thaldraszus. the Liskanoth girl boss will freeze every one who enters the Thaldraszus location, so to complete the Liskanoth WoW Dragonflight world quest, you also need to deploy powerful attacks.

Liskanoth unleashes Freezing moves and deals damage with her deep freeze breath attack ability, you will be frozen by her moves for 10 seconds, as the Liskanoth NPC girl boss is such a powerful DPS and tank with 100 ice power energy in her side.

Liskanoth Location in WoW Dragonflight?

Players of WoW Dragonflight have been looking to get to the Liskanoth the Futurebane location place. To enter Liskanoth boss location, you must explore the Primalist future section which is also at the Thaldraszus zone, and players of WoW Dragonflight can use the Temporal Conflux portal to get access to the world boss Liskanoth location in the game.

You can ride on your dragon easily from your valdrakken or citadel to get to the Liskanoth boss WoW Dragonflight location.

Liskanoth Loot Drop Items in WoW Dragonflight Expansion

Many WoW Dragonflight expansion gamers, players, fans and users have been asking what are all the loot drop and level items from Liskanoth. The Liskanoth boss in WoW Dragonflight drops gears, level 395 loot item, Frozen Footwraps , Glacial Bindings , Icebound Girdle , Frosted Scale Drape , and Horns of the Futurebane. These are all the loot drop items from the Liskanoth boss in WoW Dragonflight expansion game.

How to Complete Liskanoth WoW Dragonflight Boss Fight?

As of now the Liskanoth world quest is not live in World of Warcraft Dragonflight expansion. But if you really need to complete the Liskanoth world quest in WoW Dragonflight, here are the best tips and tricks to defeat the girl boss named Liskanoth in WoW.

Liskanoth WoW Dragonflight Location


To complete the Liskanoth boss world quest in WoW Dragonflight expansion, you can deploy freeze attacks, spin and melee combo, and some of the best weapons from WoW Dragonflight expansion. These are the best tricks, tips and strategies to defeat the Liskanoth boss easily, then you can also easily complete the Liskanoth world quest in WoW Dragonflight expansion game.

The Liskanoth boss world quest from WoW Dragonflight expansion is not bugged as of now. Complete the Liskanoth boss battle fight by easily following our GA guide.


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