Crystal Quill Pens WoW Dragonflight Quest Easy Guide & #1 Pathway 

The new world quest Crystal Quill Pens WoW Dragonflight expansion is live now. Players of WoW Dragonflight can locate the Crystalspine to get the new crystal quill pens WoW Dragonflight quest. Here’s how to complete the World of Warcraft Dragonflight crystal quill pens quest with our GA guide and walkthrough too.

The objectives for the crystal quill pens world quest in Dragonflight is very simple, players in valdrakken need to acquire 15 crystal quill Quest items from the Crystalspine and then hand it over to the gnoklin quirkcoil npc boss at the valdrakken, dragon isles location for the Dragonscale expedition too.

The crystal quill pens quest happens in and around the valdrakken region of WoW Dragonflight. Players will also get several rewards for successfully completing the Crystal quill pens world quest from the WoW Dragonflight expansion game.

Crystal Quill Pens WoW Dragonflight Quest Guide & Pathway 

The new profession types quest from WoW Dragonflight which is the crystal quill pens world quest is live now for the players. You must get to Crystalspine to get around 15 crystal quills and then give it to the level 70 NPC named gnoklin quirkcoil too.

Crystal Quill Pens WoW

The crystal quill pens locations can be the great cave, plains, shady sanctuary, azure span, scythid, and pointy pincers. You can find the Crystal quills at these locations of WoW Dragonflight expansion. Wait for a long time to get more of the crystal quill pens.

But even in these crystal quill locations of WoW Dragonflight, many players could find the crystal quill spawning at these location spots. As some could only find 2 mobs, while the balance WoW Dragonflight players could only spot around 3 crystal quill spawning.

But you can always wait and farm these crystal quills as their farming and spawning rate in WoW Dragonflight expansion is very lower too, due to the low spawn rare of crystal quills, many WoW Dragonflight gamers couldn’t find them.

Many WoW Dragonflight players are even having a bug for the crystal quill pens world quest, as they doubt about the crystal quills location due to its low spawning rate too.

Crystal Quill Pens WoW Quest Rewards

Crystal Quill Pens WoW Dragonflight Quest

You can get these new rewards for the latest WoW Dragonflight expansion quest named crystal quill pens.

  • Enchanter’s Script
  • 9,050 experience
  • 75 reputation with Dragonscale Expedition
  • 25 reputation with Valdrakken Accord

These are the new exclusive rewards for the WoW Dragonflight crystal quill pens quest guide. Get them after finding crystal quills from the dragon isles location and then handing it over to the NPC.


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