Project New World Drops: Patch Notes And 2023 Codes!

Today we gonna see the latest project New World drops, which was available in the game. We just have to find them and grab them. In this post, we will see all the project New World Drops, items, New Patch Notes updates, and Codes of the game. So without any delay let’s start the article and what items we get in the Project New World Drops.

Project New World Drops:-

Project New World Drops

2 Sword Style: Mr. White is selling this weapon for $100,000. Logue City is the location. Cross Slash Z, sends a 50th-level sword-shaped air missile flying in an X pattern at the target. Twister X, Sword level 150, Creates a strong whirlwind to knock enemies back.

Shark Boss at Shark Park: Shark Smash is Z, knocks the large blade to the ground with a force that harms anyone nearby. (50 sword level). Shark Hurricane is X, The user swings in a circle, unleashing a tornado that damages everyone in the user’s immediate vicinity. (150 sword level).

Yoru Dark Blade: One of Project New World’s strongest weapons is Yoru Dark Blade. It is currently only accessible through a game pass.

Dark Slash for Z. throws a huge missile. Rapid Slashes, X. Sword barrage with multiple hits that deals terrible damage.

Katana Weapon: The Katana is available for purchase at the Starter Island sword shop and does base battle damage.

Z: The Lion’s Song. quickly draws the sword from its sheath as he passes the enemy, cuts him down, and draws it again.

X: The Air Slash. This strike slashes the enemy from a distance using the air itself. The air-compressed projectile is sent toward the target by the user swinging.

Shark Blade: Shark Blade drops 5% of the time and is available from.

Project New World Drop, Miscellaneous Items:-

TremorBeard Key: TremorBeard Key may be obtained by players from Ice Admiral in Marine HQ. Even so, the decline rate of 2.5% is fairly minimal. At Marine Headquarters, you’ll need this key to call up Tremor Girl. You cannot call forth Tremor Girl without this key.

Cauldron : In the cave, Cauldron is located behind Marine Base Town. chained with metal. The mace boss can spawn if you throw the lava ore inside of it.

Pumpkin : Pumpkins can be found on the starting island. Use: You will require pumpkins to complete one of side tasks. Bring X5 pumpkins to Poppy, the person who will offer you the side task.

Barrel of Goods : A side mission will reward you with a Barrel of Goods. Take this to the receiver at Logue Town to finish the mission.

Cold Bottle : At New World Bar is where you may sell it for $1,000. Starter Island is where the bar is. Heals a portion of your HP. We have included information regarding Lava Ore below.

Lava Ore : 2.5% Purchased; left by a Marine Captain at Marine Base Town. The Mace Boss will spawn if you throw a lava ore into the Cauldron.

The Book : Dual Swordsman at Logue City dropped the book with a 10% drop rate. Visit Mr. White once you’ve gained 2 Sword.

Related Updates Of Project New World Drops And Notes:-

Project New World Drops

On January 1st, 2023, Project New World issued its most recent Update 4. A wide range of adjustments and bug fixes have been made to the experience in this patch.

These should assist you to resolve any problems you may have encountered and provide you access to some fresh game content. The original patch notes for the update are provided below and were made available just on the official Discord.

  1. Crew leaderboards now display the top 100, not the top 10.
  2. Start menu with a winter theme.
  3. Sometimes, fixed mobile buttons are not displayed.
  4. Fixed the inability to leave the crew and getting locked there indefinitely.
  5. Fixed marine poster life not displaying.
  6. Added crew member count
  7. Several crew bugs were fixed.
  8. Combat hitbox changed.

Project New World New Codes Of 2023:-


How To Redeem Project New World Codes 2023?

  • Start Project New World after launching Roblox.
  • On the menu button, click.
  • The Twitter button is next.
  • Copy the above code.
  • Place it there by pasting it.
  • To receive your goodies, redeem them.

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