Guild Wars 2 Elementalist Leveling Build, Full Guide!

In thid topic we will see how we can get Guild Wars 2 Elementalist Leveling Build. Due to the amount of choice available, levelling in Guild Wars 2 is among the best experiences. Most people pick up the abilities and characteristics of their class during this time.

Despite the several methods available, most people begin levelling Guild Wars 2 Elementalist Build by exploring your open world regions and moving the plot along. To get to the top, there are various obstacles you might have to overcome.

These Guild Wars 2 Elementalist Leveling Build are made to levels as quickly as they can while also enabling you to solo take down a lot of the tough hero points so that you can even use the more potent elite specialties. Lets start our post and know more about the Guild Wars 2 Elementalist Leveling Build.

What Is All About The Guild Wars 2 Elementalist Leveling Build?

Guild Wars 2 Elementalist Leveling Build

One of the more difficult careers in the game is the elementalist. An Elementalist may deal power or condition damage as well as healing or boon support by switching between the four elemental magics of fire, water, air, as well as earth. An Elementalist is capable of using a Staff, two Daggers, a Scepter, as well as a Focus.

In contrast to other professions, you can choose any stat you choose, such as power damage, condition damage, or support. For those in other professions, the available weapons are limited by the stats, power damage, condition damage, and support options. Elementalists can be more adaptable.

However, superior weapons are available for each position because of the four elemental attunements, which provide each weapon four times as many weapon talents.

1. Profession mechanics:

  • Auras
  • Element Switching

2. Skills:

  • Arcane
  • Cantrip
  • Conjure
  • Glyphs
  • Signets

3. Traits :

  • Fire
  • Water
  • Air
  • Earth
  • Arcane

4. Hidden Mechanics

5. Gameplay Tips

Pros And Cons Of Guild Wars 2 Elementalist:-

A Guild Wars 2 elementalist is a typical magician. It only has access to one weapon for skills, but it has four attunements that grant it access to a variety of talents. Your most damaging skills come from the Fire attunement.

While your other skills come from the Air, Water, and Earth attunements. Using two daggers and the Fire, Arcane, or Earth qualities. The suggested levelling build is protected against casting auras by using the air and water attunements.

Since this build focuses mostly on conditions, you should use fire or earth attunements for damage. Switching to air and water just briefly to remove auras before returning to earth with fire.

The Best Equipment For Guild Wars 2 Elementalist Leveling Build:

You should have Berserker stats on your headpiece, chest armour, and leg armour (primarily +Power, with +Precision and +Ferocity as well).

The Assassin stats on your hand, shoulder, and shoe armour should be primarily +Precision, with +Power and +Ferocity as well. Your entire wardrobe may have Berserker stats. Since this rune is frequently used in DPS builds, you could already own a full set.

However, we advise applying it on every piece of armour you own. If you don’t, the cost of purchasing them may be high. For more affordable options, consider the Superior Runes of the Flame Legion and the Superior Runes of Strength.

How To Do Guild Wars 2 Elementalist Leveling Build?

Guild Wars 2 Elementalist Leveling Build

If you’re having trouble surviving in the open world either in story occurrences. We will show you how you can level Guild Wars 2 Elementalist Build that might help. Your closest buddy as a Core Ele is the arcane traitline.

It shortens the cooldowns for attunment swaps, heals you, and grants AoE bonuses while attuning to an element, making it a pretty effective sustainer. Your most important resource for ensuring your survival is protection.

You can access it by using the Arcane traitline, attuning Glyphs on Earth while wearing the Inscription trait, gaining an aura while wearing the Elemental Shielding trait, or using the Armor of Earth cantrip. You can also gain proficiency by using a comprehensive set of focused runes, such as Superior Rune of Grove.

Your encounter in the open world will go more smoothly if you always have access to protection. If you feel you have had enough damage but not sufficient defences, try switching your off-hand to focus. Focus is your most defensive weapon and can block a lot of damage with its projectile reflections, critical hits, and invulnerability.

Try switching out your gear and focusing your power builds around Condition Damage if you’re having trouble remaining alive. We offer affordable gear options like Dire (+toughness, +Vitality, +Condition Damage) or rather Carrion (+power, +Vitality, +Condition Damage) that have a decent balance of defensive stats and condition damage.

It’s useful for Guild Wars 2 Elementalist Leveling Build, but once you hit level 80. You should definitely switch to Celestial or Trailblazer Gear. Ele’s sustain scales fairly well with Healing Power, particularly if you are running the Water Traitline.

Which greatly increases your healing while equipped by switching to the Water attunement. You have a number of options for blocking damage in the form of fundamental tools including Mist Form, Arcane Shield, as well as Conjure Earth Shield.

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