New Escape From Tarkov Buckwheat in 2023? Know Everything Here Now!

What’s Escape From Tarkov Buckwheat? Every new year, the team of Escape from Tarkov decides to give away free rewards and gifts via the new year event. And some of the in-game items from EFT will also be available for certain discounts too. Here’s all about Pack of Arseniy buckwheat in Escape from Tarkov in our GA guide.

Escape from Tarkov Buckwheat is generally a food item that’s based from Russia. People of Russia will get this rare and unusual Pack of Arseniy buckwheat food item to save themselves from the hostile situations in Escape from Tarkov.

As everyone knows that Escape from Tarkov predominantly happens in the abandoned russian regions and zones, it’s a no brainer that the buckwheat is an integral and essential item in the game. Here’s all about Escape From Tarkov Buckwheat from our GA guide.

Escape From Tarkov Buckwheat – All Official About Pack of Arseniy Buckwheat News

EFT Buckwheat is an essential food item and players may use it for barter, which means you can simply trade other in-game items in exchange of these buckwheat. As of now, the use of buckwheat in Escape from Tarkov is limited only to barter.

Escape from Tarkov Buckwheat

And there’s also a news that buckwheat will play a crucial role in the upcoming Escape From Tarkov updates and patch update versions. But as of now you may use the buckwheat to trade the other in-game available resources and food items too.

Escape From Tarkov Buckwheat Trade Items & More Details

As we said, the buckwheat is completely a barter food item in the Escape from Tarkov game, you can exchange them to various NPCs in return for some in-game essentials too.

Giving 4 Packs of Arseniy Buckwheat items to Therapist LL2 will get you with Expeditionary fuel tank. Likewise giving a single buckwheat to Jaeger LL1 will also get you with the MP-133 12ga pump-action shotgun too.

More About Escape From Tarkov Buckwheat  

So that’s about the new EFT food item named the buckwheat. Get your pack of Arseniy buckwheat from the vendor and trade it to the barter to get the the available items as of now in the game. The trading items for the EFT Buckwheat have also been shared here at our GA end here.

Is Escape From Tarkov A Good Game 

Escape from Tarkov is an intriguing and realistic fps action shooter, RPG, Tactical and simulator game from the Battlestate Games developers. The MMO game is happening in the Norvinsk fictional universe with all the enemies and players battling against each other. The MMO is available only for PC as of now, but this EFT game is one of the highly rated and gripping first-person shooter games to exist too.

Escape From Tarkov Buckwheat

One of the best games with incredible technical aspects and gameplay is what you can all except in the Escape from Tarkov game. Stay tuned for more Escape from Tarkov leaks and gaming updates here.


That’s everything about the pack of Arseniy buckwheat price, use, trading items and more in Escape from Tarkov. All details about Escape from Tarkov Buckwheat are shared at our GA handle, stay tuned for more EFT Buckwheat leaks here.

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