How To Get Ghost Skin In COD Mobile For Free!

How to get Ghost Skin in COD Mobile is very every, we all can get the skins by using some simple steps. Even while a COD Mobile Ghost account is not the most uncommon in the game, it sure does look cool. Players were able to get the Ghost skin in COD Mobile.

A permanent character skin that’s considered a rare in-game item, for nothing back in Season 13. But regrettably, those times are now gone, and today, there is a greater need for skin. So in this post we will see all about the Ghost Skin COD Mobile and how we can get it.

About The Ghost Skin In COD Mobile And Is It Possible For Everyone To Get This Skin:-

How To Get Ghost Skin In COD Mobile

Everyone who pre-registered for the game prior to its general release will get access to the Condemned operator Ghost skin in COD Mobile. In addition, players will receive an avatar, two weapon blueprints that were shown at the beginning of the pre-registration campaign. And player emblems that were locked behind minor milestones.

The developers previously refrained from disclosing the prize tied to the final pre-registration milestone of 25 million. But they recently broke cover with a teaser that led many to speculate and accurately, as it turned out that it would be Ghost.

At the conclusion of 2009’s Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. The British Special Forces agent, who was always wearing a mask, was backstabbed by General Shepherd. This moment has become part of popular culture in a way that few other playing games moments have.

How To Get The Ghost Skin In COD Mobile?

How To Get Ghost Skin In COD Mobile

  • To assess the Ghost Skin COD Mobile players must register for a new Activision account. Here are the measures to do in order to get it.
  • They need to open COD Mobile then wait for the pre-loading screen to show up.
  • The Settings tab can then be reached by moving your cursor to the top-right corner of the display.
  • Users can click the yellow (+) icon in the top right corner by pressing it.
  • You will be given the option to link your social network accounts in a new pop-up window.
  • Users can tap the button in the screen’s centre.
  • They’ll be taken to a another website where they must log in using their Activision credentials.
  • The game will redirect once more after they create an account, prompting them to log in using their Call of Duty account.
  • The newly established account can be used to log in again, and once the loading page has opened, players can tap the mail symbol to access the mail section.
  • They are free to equip the COD Mobile Ghost skin.

How To Get Ghost Red Team 141 Skin Operator?

Ghost has returned and is ready for battle. Call of Duty Mobile Ghost Red Team 141 skin Operator is available for free to all gamers that preorder Modern Warfare II’s Vault Edition.

British Special Forces Operator Simon Ghost Riley, a prominent member of Task Force 141. Isn’t afraid to take on enemies wherever they may be located. Whether he’s participating in the upcoming global campaign on Modern Warfare II.

Advancing into battle in Call of Duty Mobile’s Red Team 141 Operators Skin. By preregistering for Modern Warfare II Vault Edition. You can gain access to the legendary Operator. Then unlock Ghost Red Team 141 used in Call of Duty Mobile’s recently released Season 9 Zombies Are Back.

In Call of Duty Mobile, establish or connect your Activision Account if you haven’t already. For step-by-step instructions about how to achieve this ghost red team 141 skin in COD Mobile.

  • For your preferred system, place a preorder for Modern Warfare II Vault Edition.
  • Move to the next step if you’ve already placed a Vault Edition preorder.
  • In Call of Duty Mobile, you may redeem Ghost Red Team 141 by looking in your in-game mailbox.
  • Codes has distributed on the October 28 release of Modern Warfare II.
  • If you don’t get the redemption code, please hold off contacting Activision Support until November 15.
  • When you get a code, go to and input both your UID and special code.
  • To redeem your prize and send Ghost Red Team 141 into the multiplayer or battle royale modes of COD Mobile, go to the in-game mailbox.

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