Play Mobile Legends Event Free Skin 2023

For the month of March 2022, Play Mobile Legends Event will feature the Sanrio character Hello Kitty. However, there is no web version of this game and it can only be played directly from the game. Simply launch the Mobile Legends game and select the Sanrio Character Event. To obtain a new collection, you’ll need to fulfill missions. You might also ask a buddy to help you finish it by trading collections.

Play Mobile Legends Event Free Skin

Play Mobile Legends Event Free Skin

Mobile Legends will have a flip card event every now and then, and you can find out about the most recent flip card event here. All of them are mentioned below. MLBB will celebrate the Carnival Challenge in November 2022, with players eligible to earn up to 100 million promo diamonds. There are also Points draw where players may gain packs and skins.

Mobile Legends Bang Bang honored their anniversary in August 2022 with the Mobile Legends Adventure chest game. In this event, participants can earn a prize by collecting fragment units to finish the time machine. This is accomplished by inviting participants via sign-in, sharing the event, and other means.

Play Mobile Legends Event Free Skin January 2023

Play Mobile Legends Event Bang Bang has another 515 Party event in May 2022 when users may play a web game that needs the character to leap through blocks and reach as far as they can. To obtain all of the prizes, you must fulfill numerous objectives, such as playing the games up to 20 times, collecting up to 5,000 coins, or reaching 10 x Super Jump.

This is the “Identify all the hidden clues in S.T.U.N. Studio” challenge for the month of April. Similar to card flip, you must find a clue match you found with the information collected by an assistant in the mini-game. Two fortunate winners will be chosen on May 12 to receive a skateboard.

Play Mobile Legends Event Free Skin

Play Mobile Legends Event: More Details

Play Mobile Legends Event debuts its newest card flip game in April 2022, this time allowing you to acquire a limited-edition skateboard. During the event, participants will be able to play a mini-game on their preferred web browser. Players who do not like the real skateboard can exchange it for 3,000 Diamonds instead.

Players had to flip the card to show the character on the other side; after two right matches, you’ll receive a FREE skin prize from the game through chest. The card flip event in February was themed around Valentine’s Day and featured their adorable couple characters. Players will receive 5 FREE tries for the first round, 4 FREE attempts for the second round, and 3 FREE attempts for the third round during their initial trial.

Play Mobile Legends Card Flip Event

You must share your link with your friends in order to receive extra tries. After you’ve shared the link with your friends, you’ll receive the following amount of FREE tries.

  • Taking Part in the Event 1 FREE Attempt just once
  • Every new/veteran (no logging in for 30 days) user invited – limitless
  • View the video April 10 – 3 FREE Attempts
  • Inviting 1 more player to the event provides Invite up to 99 players in two attempts.
  • Get 1 attempt by clicking on the invitation link issued by another player – Every day, you can make up to three attempts.

Players who are invited will also receive one FREE try, and each player can utilize up to three invitation links from other players to receive up to three FREE attempts.

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