Free Diamond Free Fire: Get it Here Now

Free Diamond Free Fire: Do you want more diamonds in the free fire game? Then you come to the right place. Here we are going to see how to get free diamond free fire. Garena free fire’s players are aggressive. The players need to be active to achieve what they want. Otherwise, they cannot perform well in the game.  Everyone in the game wants to win. No one wants to lose the game. So you need to get diamonds.

In the free fire game, the diamonds are the currency. The diamonds are the premium currency used in the free fire. By using these diamonds you can buy different items used in the game. If you want to get them it is not that so easy. So if you want to buy it at a cheaper price then you can use the lucky royal feature.

Free Diamond Free Fire: Working Tips And Tricks

Free Diamond Free Fire
Free Diamond Free Fire

Free fire games diamonds are available in the form of codes, apps, pay apps, google opinion rewards, etc. Let’s see how it work.

  1. Redeem Codes:  This is the most popular way to get diamonds. Garena free fire provides redeem code while playing the events. Also provides while esports tournament.

Steps to Getting Redeem Codes in Free Fire:

  •   Search the website for Free fire reward redemption on your browser.
  •  You can log in using your FB account, Twitter, Google.  choose account as you wish.
  •  Enter the code which you have and then click on confirm
  • Claim your rewards. After 24 hours you will get your rewards in your account.

You should remember the thing that these redeem points are server-specific. These points were not useful for other countries. If you buy from one country you cannot use it in another country.

If you think this is too lengthy a process then you can also use apps. There are lots of mobile apps that provide you with free diamonds.

Methods for Getting Free Diamond Free Fire:

Free Diamond Free Fire
Free Diamond Free Fire 2022

The name of the app is Booyah. This is the app by using it you can get free diamonds for your game. The only thing you have to do is you have to participate in free fire tournaments and competitions. The app hosts these games and provides diamonds for free. The application is also available on the play store you can install play store.

Google Opinions to Get Rewards

This is the easiest way to get the free fire rewards. To earn the rewards you have to take the surveys. For the survey, google gives you credits or some gifts. This app is also available on the play store you can download it from there.

Poll Pay App to Get Rewards

This app works like the google opinion app. In this app, you have to do some tasks. After completing the task you will be rewarded with diamonds. This app also gives you money for your task. This poll pay app is also available on the play store to go there and install it on your device.

Collecting Free Fire Diamonds by Using Google Play Credit

  1. The first step is open the free fire game on your smartphone.
  2. Now on your screen near your head, there is a + sign tap on that sign.
  3. Now one pop-up has appeared on your mobile showing you the number of diamonds.
  4. Now select the number of diamonds which you want to collect.  Purchase them for example 100 diamonds.
  5. Now you will be pop up into google play.
  6. Here you can show the payment methods. Here you should play balance as your payment method.
  7. After doing this all process tap on the buy button. Then you will all set your diamonds will be created in your account.
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