Creature Clash Tower Of Fantasy, How To Complete The Challange!

Complete the Creature Clash Tower Of Fantasy and get many rewards in version 2.2 Mirafleur Moonshade. The most recent update to Tower of Fantasy. Float Parade, Create Clash, or Bullet Time is just a few of the events that Version 2.2 has in store for us over the holiday season.

You can get Festival Coins from each of these events and then use them to get rewards. Check out our Tower of Fantasy Winter Festival guide if you want to know how to finish these events. So in this post, we will see how to solve creature clash Tower Of Fantasy and know more about in.

More Events And Challenges In Including Creature Clash Tower Of Fantasy:-

Creature Clash Tower Of Fantasy

Version 2.2 Mirafleur Moonshade of Tower of Fantasy’s most recent update, which contains a tonne of new challenges, Simulacrum, and events available for you to participate in, was just released.

Three distinct events the Tower Of Fantasy Creature Clash, Float Parade or Bullet Time will take place during the Winter Festival. All activities will take place between December 24, 2022, and January 11, 2023. You will not able to play Creature Clash Tower Of Fantasy challenge after 12 January, 2023.

More About The Event Creature Clash Tower Of Fantasy:-

The Tower Of Fantasy creature clash was a wonderful idea. You take on the role of the creature and must begin with one of the lower tier bosses. With each victory, you gain points toward the next tier creature.

To make things more equitable, all creatures have ground stats that cannot be increased. You can also only enter a creature at its same tier or higher, not at a lower tier. If no match is found after a predetermined amount of time.

In Creature Clash Tower Of Fantasy, you are matched with just an AI creature, but still at, say, a 20% lower payout. However, doing so would necessitate considering the whole player base and planning an event where everyone can at least receive something.

How To Complete The Creature Clash Tower Of Fantasy?

Creature Clash Tower Of Fantasy

To complete the Creature Clash Tower Of Fantasy, you must first finish the main tale, Ecological Station Intruders. Then unlock the Rewards tab in order to take part in Creature Clash. The goal of this event is to create any creature from the list of available creatures.

However, some monsters must first be awakened. You’ll need money, which you can get through Bounty Missions and chip boxes in the Overworld, to develop your critters. Additionally, you are allowed to swap between the creatures you want to grow.

If the monster hasn’t been upgraded, the developmental stats won’t be transferred over. The time has come for you to find an opponent or challenge their monster to a PvP battle now that your creature Clash Tower Of Fantasy is prepared.

How To Get Festival Coin In The Winter Event?

You can participate in three events to earn Festival Coins, as you can see from the list above. The first day and, you can only receive 1,000 Festival Coins from these three events, each will have a shared cap.

Fortunately, the cap will rise by 1,000 Festival Coins each day, bringing the total to 19,000 coins. The Events Store is where you may use your Festival Coins to purchase things, albeit some of them come with restrictions and extra token fees.

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You must be a Wanderer Level 16 or higher to take part in this event. Each day from 19:00 – 21:00 same time, you can participate in the Float Parade. All you have to do to finish the event is go to Mirrioria and see the Float-Parade.

Gift boxes will fall during the 30-minute duration of it. Ten times every day, gift boxes with Festival Coins or RNG goodies are available as rewards. This is all we got to shear you about the Float Parade in Tower of Fantasy. If you like our post then please follow Gaming Acharya and comment if you have any queries.

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