Destiny 2 Companion App Down: API Not Working Fix!

Destiny 2 Companion App Down: Game from original creator of the Hallo Saga, Destiny 2 is a hit game. It also has a companion app. And this companion app is responsible for performing particular actions and possess some options.

And if we talk about the companion app it directly give us the hint that, every single and minor working disorder will affect the overall game experience. And sad to believe the game is facing such issue right now.

Right now players are facing an issue in destiny to that is destiny to companion app down. According to the Complaints and reports currently the destiny 2 companion app is not working properly full stop and it is believed that it is the issue which is related to the destiny 2 API.

Destiny 2 Companion App Down: API was Disabled

Companion App Down

When a app is down it directly geyser impact all the game experience of the player. And that situation is the same. Twitter, Facebook and all these social media platform are now massively full of complaints about the situation destination to companion app down.

And this destiny to companion app down condition obviously affecting players in their game play and the situation is becoming very stressful and frustrating for all the players. All the players are enable to access the whole game experience.

And after looking into the problem we can say that the problem is because of it is related to the game API. So let us know about what is API?

An API is a series of protocol that is made to allow one core service to be integrated with the other core service.

Destiny 2 Companion App Down: What’s Causing The Issue?

Companion App Down

So as above sad, the API is the issue in the destiny to companion app down book. That is abled API is causing the problem to all the player.

As the other services work with the API such as the companion app. API is a platform where the external product can be dependent who interact with the game.

The reason behind the API disabled as the API is being disabled by the bungie team. And more over just to investigate all the multiple error codes this API is being disabled because these activities were affecting the overall experience.

According to sources this API will be disabled until the investigation is completed so it will remain offline.

So basically the fixed to this problem can be arrive anytime or may be next week. But right now there is no official confirmation has been out from the developer itself.

Over the week this issue that is destiny 2 companion app down many of the players are constantly facing several issues. This issue also cause the players in server role bags denying the loot or achievement.

But right now the player is waiting for a permanent fixed to the problem but the API will remain disabled until the investigation is properly completed. So all the players of destiny to has to wait.


Moreover the disabling of API in destiny to that cause the destiny to companion app down problem. This can be due to the use of third party tools as the destiny to players also uses third party tools to make their game play easier.

Hence, the API is being disabled for several reasons so all the player has to wait until the next official announcement of the developers for a fix.

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