How To Get C4 In COD Mobile, Get It For Free!

To know how to get C4 in COD Mobile, stay with us in this post. Every primary Call of Duty game includes an explosive called Composition C-4, generally known as C4. Two plastic explosive devices that can be remotely set up by double-tapping the use button or using the clacker.

The C4 COD Mobile is frequently used in the campaign as the main weapon to destroy important targets. Where the player would have to equip the explosive and go to a safe distance before detonating it. A level like this would be The Bog, where the goal is to destroy the ZPU-4 so that a friendly chopper may fly over.

In the level Ultimatum, the player also uses C4 to bring down an electric tower. So in this post, we will see how get C4 in COD Mobile.

More About The C4 In COD Mobile :-

How To Get C4 In COD Mobile

When utilised, the player will receive two C4 in COD Mobile. A first-tier perk that deals more damage plus splash damage than Claymore. When the perk is activated, pressing left on the D-Pad causes a detonation trigger to be pulled out.

Then, by pressing the special grenade button, C4 COD Mobile that will stick to cars, walls, and other objects is launched. The C4 will then explode after being delayed by.83 seconds when the equipment button is pressed. Alternatively, while the player’s primary weapon is drawn, C4 COD Mobile can be set off by double-tapping the reload button.

Due to the C4 requirement for remote detonation in multiplayer games, the C4 is a dubious choice. It could be problematic for snipers and is frequently utilised by people who wait for someone to enter the C4 before detonating it.

For sniper gamers that rely on really sniping, the Claymore is a better weapon because it eliminates the need to keep an eye on the C4. The Claymore detonates immediately when an adversary steps in front of it, unlike the C4, which they frequently don’t have time to activate.

How To Get C4 In COD Mobile?

The creators of Call of Duty Mobile, decided it was appropriate to provide players with more firepower this season in the shape of the new C4 Lethal. After finishing Tier 14 of a free Battle Pass, the C4 becomes available. Once we know how to get C4 in COD Mobile you are always free to bring it into battle.

The C4 CoD Mobile can be thrown and detonated remotely because it is a remote-controlled throwable lethal. This makes it perfect for employing against other players. To take on the legions of zombies that will probably be after you in these new themed events.

The COD Mobile C4 will be particularly helpful in the two new zombie-themed COD Mobile scenarios. The first one is Undead Classic, where you must defend your team from hordes of zombies.

The following game is Super Attack of Undead, where a team member is randomly picked as the first zombie and is given the ability to kill and turn on the other players. The objective of your team is to kill the zombies and live through the round.

If you’re in tight location and need a quick or snappy way out, the COD Mobile C4 will be very useful in these modes because it offers high explosives that you might explode remotely and sets traps for the other side.

How To Use C4 In COD Mobile?

How To Get C4 In COD Mobile

How to swiftly detonate C4 in Call of Duty Warzone or Modern Warfare if you have two. It will show you how to accomplish it in the simplest way possible. It will be quite challenging for you to employ a C4 in Call of Duty Warzone because they may quickly destroy vehicles and players.

In order to throw two C4s and aid with many opponents, you can toss one C4 and then click the R1 button on your controller. To explode them both at once, you must hit the R1 button once more.

You need to replenish your C4 first, then throw the first C4 down in order to detonate the very first C4 without detonating a second bomb. First bomb will successfully detonate when you have twice pressed the Square button.

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