Tower Of Fantasy Microreactor, How To Get It , Full Guide!

To we will took about the Tower Of Fantasy Microreactor which is the new content in the game. As the new update has arrived in the Tower Of Fantasy 2.2. The open-world, free-to-play action role-playing game was created by Hotta Studio, a division of Perfect World.

However there are some Changes and adjustment made in new update 2.2, we will also discuss this in this post. But first we will see more about the Tower Of Fantasy Microreactor. It is the equipment which help to change of winning.

Tower Of Fantasy Microreactor (Equipment) is anything that can be used to increase specific stats. Each piece of equipment is unique. Each item of equipment contains 2-4 randomly chosen substats in addition to 2 fixed Base Stats dependent on its category. Except for Crit, which is only available as a substat for Gloves or Boots pieces, every piece of current gear can include any substat.

What Is The New Tower Of Fantasy Microreactor?

Tower Of Fantasy Microreactor

Tower Of Fantasy Microreactor is the new content in the game. It is the backpack category content. Microreactor in Tower Of Fantasy added recently in the 2.2 update.

To obtain the Tower Of Fantasy Microreactor we have to get 40 Frotress Microreactor shard. All of want to know about how we can get Tower Of Fantasy Microreactor, so here we are we will guide you to how we get get the fortress Microreactor Tower Of Fantasy.

How We Can Get The New Tower Of Fantasy Microreactor?

The new Tower Of Fantasy Microreactor can be acquired either through the trading with Confounding Abyss Commissions or through gaming in the Void Abyss.

The Void Rift now has a new Abyss Mode available. Players that have reached Level 80 can use void energy, defeat the monthly instances, and get the newest Tower Of Fantasy Microreactor equipment materials.

More About Tye Update 2.2 And Tower Of Fantasy Microreactor :-

Players in version 2.2 can now delve further into the way of life in the city which never sleeps. Including locations like Miramoon Street, Treasured Garden, Aquaria Palace, Cool Paradise, Entertainment Center, Future Tower, Star Apartments, Mirafleur Hall Guest Room, Oasis Club, etc.

Many internal scenes and interactive elements are now accessible. In Mirroria, players can engage in a variety of routine interactions such as settlement, recreation, racing, and audio-visual entertainment.

There are also elements of Eastern aesthetics in this virtual metropolis. Players can take in the Suzhou gardens’ natural surroundings and the genuine Suzhou Pingtan here on lake’s main stage. We will get Tower Of Fantasy Microreactor in this update 2.2.

Final Words About New Tower Of Fantasy Microreactor :-

Equipment can be improved in two ways, advancement and enhancement. The two Base Stats will grow with each level of Enhancement. One of the Base Stats also gets a bonus for every five levels of Enhancement.

A random substat will be raised by a random amount, chosen at random from a range based on the rarity of the component. For each degree of advancement. Stat progression is used. Equipment enhancement need for progressively more Booster Modules per level as well as a specific number of Advancement Modules at key levels.

There is no material or experience loss when transferring enhancement levels between identical pieces of equipment, although the levels cannot be changed back into raw materials. If necessary, equipment can be taken off the player and kept in storage with the Enhancement level.

if used in Advancement, it will return the Booster and Advancement modules used on it when consumed. The amount that enhancement boosts a piece’s two base stats by per level is flat and constant. it does not change as the piece’s rarity does.

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