Neural Cloud Tier List 2023: Full List

Welcome to our Neural Cloud Tier List 2023 for CBT, which contains a top to bottom glance at the Neural Cloud Characters. Cloud Tier List Neural is the greatest method to begin your trip in Neural Cloud, and in this post, you will find the top characters in Neural Cloud. Follow our website Gaming Acharya to learn more about the Neural Cloud Tier List 2023. The characters in these tiers are ranked in the following Neural Cloud tier list;

  • Tier 1: Superior (Very Strong)
  • Tier 2: Excellent (Strong)
  • Tier 3: Acceptable (Not too strong, not too weak either)
  • Tier 4: Standard
  • Situational (Tier S): (Units that can perform well in class, situationally)

Using the three-star selection banner offered at the start, you can obtain one of the top-tier characters. More information may be found in this reroll guide. NOTE: Because the game is new and the cloud tier list neural is based on CBT data, it should be taken with a grain of salt.

Neural Cloud Tier List 2023: Checkout List Here

Neural Cloud Tier List 2022

This cloud tier list neural is solely for CBT, which goes on for multi week; full-discharge levels might change!

  • S tier: If feasible, always raise. Does a good job and frequently goes above and beyond.
  • A tier: If you have them, raise them. In certain circumstances, it may be quite powerful.
  • B tier: Not particularly powerful at first, but capable of doing the task if leveled.
  • C tier: Requires a huge venture to be suitable. It is not advised to increase early on.

SP: SPecial, which means the character is the best in the scenario. Position will be founded on normal execution (i.e., a SP character higher up the list will be more important on normal than a SP character further down the list).”

Neural Cloud Tier List for Medic:

Neural Cloud Tier List 2022


  • Only Gin has better AoE healing. 
  • A huge stat bonus for teammates.
  • Procs function cards are often used.
  • Starts at 3 stars and has a powerful ultimate that can prevent one-shots.
  • Excellent scalability across all event content 
  • When deploying two medics, Nanaka loses less DPS.”


  • Provides significant damage reduction to the heal target.
  •  It isn’t important to expand the unique case to be helpful.
  • Charm is hit-or-miss, but it never hurts.
  • Starts at 3 stars and has a powerful DPS-oriented ultimate.
  • Harm moderation extraordinary supportive for troublesome substance
  • Superb utility for buff stacking 1 convey.


  • You get 5 star materials for free.
  • The kit is really basic but quite strong.
  • For some stuff, Revive can be nearly irreplaceable.” 
  • Excellent candidate for CDR reset flower tiles
  • Maintains relevance throughout the game 
  • Simple target for feeding batteries to in combat for heals
  • Can scale to the point that she fully heals everyone from 0 to 100″


  • Procs function cards 
  • Frequently have the most HP/s of any medic in the game.
  • Starts at three stars and has a decent healing ultimate.
  • Is a little difficult to utilize on his own.
  • Not fantastic early on.” 


  • Unique debuff prevention and removal
  • In difficult content, it is impossible to heal alone.
  • Starts at 1 star and takes some time to get going” 
  • She can hard carry you through some specialized topics 
  • Pairs nicely with [REDACTED]”


  • Surprisingly good compatibility with DPS medic functions
  • AoE healer who performs great in a two-medic squad 
  • Funny ultimate for chess players
  • It is not the simplest to utilize efficiently.
  • Doesn’t turboscale as well as higher-tier medics.
  • Nanaka does exist.”


  • Produces chocolate
  • Very adorable
  • In the third chapter of the narrative, you are saved.
  • You required gameplay explanations? Uhh”
  • Let us not go into that.


  • An forthcoming event provides you the frags to upgrade her to a 4 star.
  • Actually a GFL character, not an OC.
  • Seriously, why are so many GFL characters not dolls?
  • RNG recovery and CDR scales poorly.
  • Healing is erratic due to a low heal amount.
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