Ban Id Unban In Free Fire

Ban Id Unban in Free Fire:  Free Fire is a game which is very famous world widely. Today in this topic we will be reading about how to unban a band ID in free fire. Free fire game which has a lot of fan following and there are many of player who choose free fire over any another game.

But nowadays what does happening. We can saw everywhere there are lots of cheating and fraud All Around The places. Just to get the boyaah and maximum finishes that are lots of cheater who applies various tips and tricks to crack all the difficulties.

Ban Id Unban In Free Fire: How To Unban Your Banned Id.

Talking about  Ban ID Unban in free fire, we will be listing some of the ways which you can try to unban your account from free fire. Due to some cheater there are some innocent player whose ID got banned. And after using days tips you can easily resolve your problems.

Ban Id Unban In Free Fire: Why The Accounts Was Banned?

There is a policy which have been introduced by the Garena which is called as anti cheating system. This system always keeps an eye on players behaviour in game. And this result that every account got band which is comes under the violation policy in the game.

Garena always work on there antic cheating system to deliver a fair gameplay experience to all the player. The reason behind of banning your ID from the game is, downloading your free fire from a third party.

Ban Id unban in Free Fire
Free fire

So if you want that your account shouldn’t get band you should always download the game from the official notification.

Ban Id Unban In Free Fire: Reasons

  • Player team up with the cheater gang.
  • To provide edge to the game Play Players also use on official programs.
  • Together unfair advantages using of modifying models file.
  • Usage of unauthorised tool.
  • After cheating reported by various players and detected for abnormal game play simultaneously.
  • Violation of free fire anti hack system.

Ban Id Unban In Free Fire: Ways To Resolve The Problem.

Now we will be listing the ways to unband the than ID from free fire. Make sure you didn’t performed any an article activity during your Gameplay in free fire.

  • Step 1 first of all visit the free fire submit request page.
  • Step two you need to tap on the sign in option.
  • Login using your free fire connected social media account.
  • Click on your user id and click to submit a request.
  • Now make sure you list all the issues you are facing in there game.
  • After that just attached the screenshot of the message you are getting after arriving in the game. And click the submit button.

After that you will easily Summit your request and the Garena free fire team will manually review your request. When your found not guilty your account will be unban by the Garena free fire.

But if some how you found guilty and you have committed any of the unethical activity during the game play. This is 100% sure that you are account won’t be unbanned. So it will be a better choice to not to perform any cheating during the game play.

When you get the revert back from the Garena free fire team it will appear in the my request option available under your profile. So you can check continuously to know more about it.

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