Destiny 2 Subscription Leaks & Price

Is Bungie going to incorporate Destiny 2 subscription model? For the past 2 days, there have been talks that Destiny 2 will follow a monthly subscription model from Lightfall expansion in 2023. Here are all the updates and latest leaks on Destiny 2 subscription model in 2023 and more.

Many reputed data miners and leakers of Destiny 2 have been indicating about a possible Destiny 2 subscription based model from 2023, but Bungie is yet to open up about all these rumors and leaks regarding Destiny 2 Season 20 subscription and more.

If the news about Destiny 2 getting into monthly subscription basis game, then it will join the rare list of other prominent games. But the users and craze for Destiny 2 will surely be getting decreased.

Destiny 2 Subscription Leaks

Destiny 2 Subscription

As of now it’s a certainty that Destiny 2 and Bungie don’t have any plans to bring the subscription model plans, but things may take a U-turn from 2023. As the leaks suggest Destiny 2 Season 20 and the Lightfall expansion may well bring on the monthly subscription model for all the guardians of Destiny 2.

There are even updates that Bungie has been testing and working diligently on a monthly subscription model for Destiny 2. This is surely not a good news for all the fans of Destiny 2 world-wide.

The Destiny 2 Dataminers have shared the subscription leaks from a D2 Datamines Discord servers which hold 4 TGP with different Destiny 2 subscription pack leaks too.

How Much is Destiny 2 Subscription Pack for Month?

As of now there’s no information from Destiny 2 team and Bungie regarding the price amount of Destiny 2 monthly subscription charge. Also the Destiny 2 Season 20 subscription pack cost is not known yet.

Once we get info on the Destiny 2 subscription pack cost and leaks, we will update the same here too. But as of now there are no leaks and updates on Destiny 2 monthly subscription pack cost and price. The Destiny 2 monthly subscription pack details may only come later, but  if it’s only true from the team of Bungie.

When is the Destiny 2 Subscription Coming?

Destiny 2 Subscription

As of now there’s no information on the subscription model date for Destiny 2 from Bungie. But it’s widely speculated that Destiny 2 is sure to have its subscription model and the monthly subscription model will be implemented on Destiny 2 Lightfall Expansion and Season 20.

However let’s not believe anything regarding the subscription leaks for Destiny 2, unless and until it comes from Bungie and the team of Destiny 2.

If Destiny 2 is going towards monthly subscription, then surely most players of Destiny 2 will uninstall and delete the game forever.

Is Destiny 2 Monthly Subscription a Good Idea?

The idea and plans for implementing a monthly subscription model for Destiny 2 may seem very good and productive for Bungie and Destiny 2 team. But definitely it’s not a great news for all the Destiny 2 guardians as they won’t be able to pay every month to play the Destiny 2 game.

Most Destiny 2 players will never say yes to monthly subscription from Bungie, hopefully the subscription leaks for Destiny 2 are just a mere rumor as per the wishes of many Destiny 2 fans worldwide.


That’s everything at GA about the leaks and latest official updates on Destiny 2 monthly subscription model news. Destiny 2 subscription from Lightfall expansion and Season 20 have already made many of the guardians very sad about the news.

Hopefully Bungie just doesn’t include the monthly subscription pack model for Destiny 2 and Destiny 2 will continue to be a free game even in 2023.

As many Destiny 2 fans and gamers only want Destiny 2 game to be a free playable game rather than these subscription monthly packs in Destiny 2. Till then stay tuned to Gaming Acharya for more Destiny 2 updates and subscription leaks here.

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