Two and Two together WoW Quest 2022

Although there are many new transmogs, toys, and mounts with the release of Two and Two together WoW Dragonflight on November 28, Blizzard Entertainment did not forget about pets. Pets and everything linked to them, such as Polished Pet Charms, healing, and Pet Battles, continue to work normally.

WoW developers included a Pet Battle global quest named Two and Two Together to liven up the world task pool. The mission, which is located in Dhahran Plains, requires you to defeat Bakhushek in a Pet Battle. Aside from Valdrakken Accord reputation, the quest grants a binds-to-Blizzard-account Critter Fighting -Training Stone, which gives 2000 experience to a chosen battle pet in the Critter Family.

Two and Two together WoW Quest 2022

If you need a fast reputation boost or a Critter Battle-Training Stone, head to Bakhushek and finish the Two and Two quest in Dragonflight. Bakhushek is an Expert Pet Trainer who lives in a hut in Dhahran Plains at 62.0 41.6.

How to complete Two and Two quest in WoW Dragonflight

The Two and Two quest in Dragonflight requires you to fulfill only one task: beat Bakhushek in a pet combat. That may be difficult given Bakhushek’s two Epic-quality dogs. Bakhushek has the following pets: Gizmo, Brightpaw, Xu-Fu, an optional level pet & Microbot are all available.

  • Turn 1: Prowl
  • Turn two: Arcane Dash or Moonfire Phantus joins the battle. Turn three: Swap to your Microbot.
  • Fourth turn: Supercharge
  • Ion Cannon takes the fifth turn.

Iron Starlette, Nexus Whelpling, and any pet

  • Arcane Storm is the first turn.
  • Mana Surge is the second turn.
  • Turn three: Sweep your tail until Nexus Whelpling dies.
  • Fourth turn: Wind up
  • Turn five: Finish

Dragon of the Nether Faeries

  • Moonfire is the first turn.
  • Arcane Blast is the second turn.
  • Arcane Blast until Nether Faerie Dragon dies on round three.
  • Fourth turn: Life Exchange
  • Moonfire is the fifth turn.
  • Sixth turn: Arcane Blast
  • Arcane Blast is the seventh turn.

These three strategies are most likely to help you defeat Bakhushek. If you want to complete achievements like Dragonkin Battle of the Dragon Isles and Flying Battler of the Dragon Isles, there are lots of strategies available on Wowhead.

Two and Two together WoW Quest 2022

Two and Two together WoW

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