Tower of Fantasy CS Bug Fix 2022

Tower of Fantasy CS Bug, a new free-to-play MMO-style action game, has had a rocky start. Thousands of gamers rushed into its servers, only to be faced with lines and issues that prevented them from accessing the game. And now that there are more of them, they’ve discovered that the game wasn’t entirely prepared for them.

Players are reporting all sorts of bizarre issues and anomalies as they begin to delve into the muddled Genshin clone. A few players are sinking underneath the guide, while others are being flung straightforwardly into the final stage, and a couple are simply turning out to be staggeringly immense  for reasons unknown. The finest glitch, discovered by Twitch broadcaster SivHD, transforms Tower of Fantasy bug into a completely new genre.

Tower of Fantasy CS Bug Fix 2022

Tower of Fantasy Bug 2022

The malfunction has reduced SivHD’s 3D anime character to 2D size. He revolves the camera around his flat avatar standing in the 3D valley, which is like Paper Mario. The decoration points the camera at one point with the end goal that the person is simply a little upward line. Wait till they start fleeing if it isn’t terrible enough. It’s not quite obvious how this Tower of Fantasy Bug works. SivHD discovered that putting their character under a turret and exiting soon enough causes them to get crushed. 

Repeat this multiple times, and your character will become as thin as a crêpe. My hunch is that it’s a glitch in the animation for when the figure jumps into the seat. Something about the model’s extending to sell the quick development, like how movements are brimming with smear outlines, may be the explanation. It’s as if your character briefly becomes a 2D model and then mistakenly keeps part of that 2D characteristics once it’s finished. Whatever the cause, the malfunction is immensely entertaining to witness.

Tower of Fantasy CS Bug Fix 2022

Someone in conversation asked SivHD if the glitch was crucial for progressing in the game once they discovered it. “It’s pivotal in light of the fact that now, when I approach the foe, they don’t see me coming,” SivHD said vacantly, hurrying his papercraft hero close to a camp of clueless enemies. “Do you see that archer? He doesn’t notice me.”

Tower of Fantasy CS Bug Fix 2022

In a blog post, Hotta Studio acknowledged the game’s poor state, claiming that it was “fully aware that Tower of Fantasy still has numerous problems.” It pledged to address the most serious flaws as they arise and reward players with in-game cash, which it has already begun to do in response to its first server instability.

For a game that was distributed in China last year and had a beta recently, the extending number of imperfections is somewhat surprising. However, the immense scale and shared world experience of Tower of Fantasy, combined with the might of a thousand eager players, make Tower of Fantasy Bug stomping a gargantuan effort. But if I were you, I’d retain the 2D one. Every anime game should allow you to switch between 2D and 3D modes at any time.

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