Secret Dreams Path to Nowhere 2022 Updated

In spite of the fact that it is the center of December, Secret Dreams Path to Nowhere is getting ready for a hotter winter with the impending summer-themed Marvelous Air pocket occasion on December 20.

The Secret Dreams Path to Nowhere event introduces new characters Serpent and Mess, as well as new stage locations, new interrogations starring the two, a new event story mode with minigames, and new Roulecca and Eirene clothing. As with the last event, you may take advantage of this chance to obtain a plethora of fresh promos and level-up materials to help you level up your Sinners while also experiencing a brand new event plot centered on a detective agency’s invitation to solve a mystery.

Secret Dreams Path to Nowhere

Secret Dreams Path to Nowhere

  • Serpent (Umbra Tendency)

Serpent is a new SSR Sinner from the Umbra Tendency, and she attacks her enemy with a flying sickle that deals magical damage rather than physical! Serpent has a special attack mode in which her attack range is enlarged to nine squares and she delivers more damage if she isn’t blocking any adversaries. In the wake of hitting enemies multiple times, she might bargain 300% harm to everybody in that AOE and apply the Snake Teeth debuff to them!

Snake’s ability permits her to hammer her chain into the ground, conveying up to 1080% harm to all adversaries while additionally managing 1 center harm to all foes and applying the Snake Teeth debuff to them. If Snake Teeth is used twice, it suddenly takes 200% more spell damage!

  • Mess (Fury Tendency)

Wreck is a Rage Propensity character with an impressive weapon-exchanging contrivance. Her talent transforms her craftsmen hammer into the Evil Sword, dealing much more damage but somewhat slowing her attack speed and diminishing her attack with each blow.

That might give off an impression of being a detriment, however every time Wreck assaults with her mallet, her all out assault develops, hence the point is to hammer enemies with her sledge to develop harm, then, at that point, discharge everything in a quick burst by changing to her Malicious Blade! When she switches to her Evil Sword, she also increases the attack of friends around her, making her a fierce duelist as well as a solid support character.

Secret Dreams Path to Nowhere New Outfits

We’ll also be getting two new costumes for Roulecca and Eirene! These beach attire alter their appearance and combat effects, while Eirene’s unique Seaside Sunset dress is actually a Live2D skin!

Secret Dreams Path to Nowhere New Stages

Secret Dreams Path to Nowhere sample of the game’s new event mode, which will include numerous new battlefields and foes, including a pixelated dragon boss, seaside resort, chess-like arena, and even a gorgeous beach stage! 

Secret Dreams Path to Nowhere

Secret Dreams Path to Nowhere Event Modes

Serpent and Mess, like new characters, are arriving to the game with interrogations, allowing you to discover more about the duo whether you’ve unlocked them or not, while also earning you some Hypercubes. The event will also include a new Secret Dreams minigame, in which you must select the differences between two photographs to obtain a gift.

There is also a Dreamy Bubble event mode in the game. It hasn’t been revealed how this mode will function yet, but judging from the board below, the event’s scenario will include investigating a crime scene, gathering evidence, and finally catching the perpetrator and solving the case for good. 

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