Tower Of Fantasy Marzoid Ore Puzzle Guide & Pathway

The Tower Of Fantasy Marzoid Ore farming puzzle is out as soon as the new Vera update had come out officially. This new Marzoid Ore Tower of Fantasy farm puzzle will happen at the third city and the other surrounding locations too.

Tower of Fantasy 2.1 Confounding Labyrinth patch update version was released two days back with new contents and features along with the new abyss interactive map for the wanderers. Likewise, the Tower of Fantasy 2.1 update has also included new banners, gaming mode, and finally the Lin lady SSR character too.

Okay, right now the travelers of Tower of Fantasy are just waiting to complete this new marzoid ore puzzle gathering quest at the third city. Here’s the complete guide and tips to complete and farm the marzoid ore in Tower of Fantasy.

Tower of Fantasy Marzoid Ore Puzzle Guide

Tower Of Fantasy Marzoid Ore

So the marzoid ore gathering puzzle is happening at the third city of Tower of Fantasy game. Travelers need to locate through the third city region and look for the recovery blue prints which are 5 in number.

First locate to the third city core energy spot which is the scientific research center, then find out the 5 blueprints from the spot and activate the devices for every blueprint.

Go through the construction droid, deep soul Industrial Zone and the energy response area to activate the devices once again.

After every quest activate the devices near the white ball. Also, you must activate the power supply to open the marzoid ore from the caraspace regions. Activate the device using any super powers or even the physical attack elements too.

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Tower Of Fantasy Marzoid Ore

At the scientific research center, you will find the marzoid ores on the farm which can be done using several procedures. Wanderers can deploy the physical attack moves to grind and farm these marzoid ores.

If it’s a blue ore then frost atk, if it’s a yellow ore then physical atk type. Also these marzoid ores are respawnable from the Tower of Fantasy 2.1 Vera update. That’s how you can grind the new marzoid ores from the Tower of Fantasy quests.

Unlock the space rift core energy, recover all the 5 construction Blueprints from the areas, activate the devices after all the third city quests are done comfortably. That’s how you farm the marzoid ore which gives you crystal and other rewards from the following days in the game.

That’s how players of Tower of Fantasy complete this new marzoid ore puzzle gathering to farm these marzoid ores. Complete the marzoid ore farming gathering right now on Tower of Fantasy 2.1 vera version which is exclusively available too for all the players right now.


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