How to Solve Microwave Room Destiny 2 Puzzle?

Are you waiting for the Microwave Room Destiny 2 puzzle solution and guide ? Here we are sharing all about microwave room Destiny 2 puzzle solution to all the guardians of the game in order to unlock the brand new exotic pulse rifle gun.

The new micro maze puzzle in Destiny 2 has been a challenging task for all the players, as the room is full of lasers, terminals with enhanced security protection too. Guardians just have to pass the microwave room in Destiny 2 to collect their pulse rifle exotic weapon gun finally.

You have to hack the 3 available terminals in the microwave room in order to proceed, for this you must also equip the scanner augment device at the stairs. Here are the complete GA guide and details to solve micro maze and microwave room puzzle in Destiny 2 Season 19.

How to Solve Microwave Room Destiny 2 Puzzle?

Microwave Room Destiny 2

After equipping the scanner to augment which is also called as the scanner buff that helps you to scan the objects and items in the room. You can spot the glass pannel using the scanner device and look for the terminals in the room too.

Look out for all the three terminals using the scanner augment buff, at the top of the stairs then get down, then find the another terminal through the glass panel. Don’t forget the terminals and glass panels as they seem to be more confusing. Then you can hack the terminals by finding them on the glass panel.

Then go-to is the microwave room which is located below and then hack the other terminals over there too. The scanner augment takes you closer to the Victory path. Beware of the lasers, you can jump and evade them in each microwave room and the stairs.

Microwave Room Puzzle Guide In Destiny 2

Microwave Room Destiny 2

Next hack the balance terminals by picking out another scanner buff and travel across the labyrinth. The microwave room is also so confusing that it’s on a 7×7 grid design. So make sure to remember all the path, and glass panel to look through the terminals and hack them easily in the end.

Get to know the safe passage and glass panel to hack the balance terminals, then you can return back to your place. Once all the terminals are done, you also solve the Destiny 2 microwave maze puzzle in the microwave room finally. It’s all about safely passing through the microwave room and hacking the terminals to unlock the exotic pulse rifle gun and solve this new mission too.

Finally you have unlocked the new revision zero exotic rifle gun in Destiny 2 after completing the microwave maze puzzle. The process is longer, you just need to pass the microwave room, memorize the passage and glass pannel to hack the terminals too.

That’s the complete guide for the Destiny 2 microwave room puzzle and the steps to unlock the new revision zero pulse rifle too from our GA end.


That’s all about the microwave room Destiny 2 puzzle guide from our Gaming Acharya end. All the easy steps and guide to complete Destiny 2 microwave maze room puzzle and the steps to unlock the revision zero exotic pulse rifle gun in Destiny 2 Season of the Seraph have been shared on our GA here.

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