Fortnite Class Action Lawsuit All Details 

Fortnite Class Action Lawsuit has been becoming a major issue for the battle royale game. As Epic Games has been facing the heat once again for Fortnite, here’s all about Fortnite Class Action Lawsuit and its story at our GA end.

Fortnite is in the wrong side once again, this time many parents have filed a class-action lawsuit against the makers Epic Games as Fortnite has been becoming an addiction for all the kids, and there’s also a teenage rating for the game, yet many kids have been playing Fortnite and are becoming much more addictive to this battle royale game.

Fortnite Class Action Lawsuit

Fortnite Class Action Lawsuit was unexpected for Epic Games, as just now the new season of Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 has begun and Epic Games are feeling the heat among the Fortnite parents with the new Fortnite Class Action Lawsuit case in Canada.

Fortnite Class Action Lawsuit All Details 

Fortnite has become a red hot issue in Canada, as a particular parent from Boston has filed a complaint against Epic Games. Dianna Greenstein, a lady who has 2 children has filed lawsuit against Fortnite and Epic Games stating that the game has become everything for their children.

The women said that her kids are not going outside, not playing with others, not speaking to her, as both the children just keep playing Fortnite as soon as they arrive home after school.

The lady is scared that Fortnite may bring about a mental health disorder for her kids, and this is why she option to file a lawsuit against Fortnite at the court. Event the World Health Organization is scared that Fortnite may lead the kids to mental health disorder as the game tempts everyone just like that, and the kids are just not able to focus on other things while gaming Fortnite.

Replying to the same allegations, here’s what Epic Games and Fortnite has said to ABC News, “We have industry-leading parental controls that empower parents to supervise their child’s digital experience.”

Fortnite class action lawsuit has been filed in Quebec and if the issue persists, the lawsuit against Fortnite may continue to grow in the other locations of USA too.

More on Fortnite Class Action Lawsuit Updates 

The Fortnite Class Action Lawsuit was first filed in 2019, right now the same issues are back to haunt epic games. But the makers of Fortnite are tenacious that they will tackle every thing and will meet in the court to fight against the class action lawsuit against the battle royale Fortnite game.

On the othet hand Fortnite and Epic Games are also going to pay a fine of 520 million in FTC’s Fortnite privacy case. So nothing is going well for Epic Games after the Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1, but the battle royale game makers know how to counter and tackle these issues legally, expect Fortnite to solve all these cases with a fine. Also there could be some changes in Fortnite following these lawsuit cases against Epic Games.

Let’s see what’s gonna transpire in the coming days for Fortnite and Epic Games amid the following and ongoing lawsuit cases and fine against Fortnite for the past few days.


That’s everything about Fortnite Class Action Lawsuit Updates and news on GA end. Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 has been going on and the lawsuit cases are also going on against the Fortnite.

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