Destiny 2 Revision Zero Drones, How To Get Full Guide!

In order to get the Destiny 2 Revision Zero Drones, and know all about it, then you are in right place. Rasputin, the ruthless Warmind who is everyone’s favourite Warmind, will be back in Destiny 2 Season of Seraph. Players will have to work with Clovis as well as Ana Bray to fix one of Vanguard’s most powerful allies.

The game revolves around fixing the damaged remnants of Rasputin. Also included in this season a new dungeon, a seasonal activity. New gear for Deep Stone Crypt raid, and new weapons and armour.

Players can also seek for the brand-new Destiny 2 Revision Zero Drones, which itself is touted as the most customizable exotic weapon to yet. To receive this weapon, which has four catalysts, players must finish The Hidden Shape quest. In this post we will see the full guide to get the Destiny 2 Revision Zero Drones, and what to do to recieve it.

How To Get Destiny 2 Revision Zero Drones? 

Destiny 2 Revision Zero Drones

To get the Destiny 2 Revision Zero Drones, this is the following mission you want to follow.

  1. Complete the Seasonal Weekly Story Quest.
  2. Complete the Operation of Seraph’s Shield.
  3. Return to the H.E.L.M.
  4. Shape the Revision Zero.

Step By Step Guide To Get Destiny 2 Revision Zero Drones?

Destiny 2 Revision Zero Drones

1. Complete the Seasonal Weekly Story Quest :-

Complete the seasonal weekly story quest to get Destiny 2 Revision Zero Drones. This weekly seasonal story quest must first be finished. Simply chat with Clovis, complete a Heist: Battleground, or have a conversation with Elise at the H.E.L.M.

She will give you the quest for The Hidden Shape once you speak with her at the holoprojector. Now open your H.E.L.M. destination map, and click Operation Seraph Shield in the lower right corner to start it.

2. Complete the Operation of Seraph’s Shield :-

In order to get Destiny 2 Revision Zero Drones you have to complete the operation of seraph shield. The most recent instalment of the Season of Seraph storyline is Operation Seraph’s Shield in Destiny 2. For order to restore Rasputin, Guardians in Destiny 2 delve deeply into the past of the Seraphs and also the Brays.

We travel to an orbiting station over the Last City as part of Operation Seraph’s Shield in order to gather additional knowledge and technologies. Here is our Operation Seraph’s Shield walkthrough for Destiny 2 to guide you through it.

  1. Getting off the ground
  2. Traversing the station
  3. Good times we the turrets and traps
  4. Red and yellow
  5. Prison break
  6. Clearing the station
  7. Praksis the defiled

There are a few tasks you need to finish before you can unlock Operation Seraph’s Shield and begin your quest towards Destiny 2 Revision Zero Drones The fact that you’ve moved the Season of the Seraph narrative into its third week is the most significant.

This quest’s progress may be followed in the More Than a Weapon quest section of the quest tab. This entails exploring the depths of Seraph Bunkers, participating in a few dangerous family interactions, and performing the seasonal Heist Battlegrounds.

You are required to purge a portion of a closed-down Seraph facility at the conclusion of first two weeks. Operation Archimedes or Diocles are the respective quests. They create the groundwork for the Exotic Quest’s plot and gameplay, both of which must be finished before moving on.

3. Return to the H.E.L.M :-

Your Revision Zero mission is almost complete. Talk to Clovis’ Exo after you return to the H.E.L.M. He will present you with a red-bordered version of Destiny 2 Revision Zero Drones

Elsie will request a visit from you at the H.E.L.M. once you reach Week 3 and have made sufficient progress in the quest. She will direct you here in order to successfully breach the Braytech Facility circling the planet and activate the Operation: Seraph’s Shield mission.

You can start the quest by entering it through H.E.L.M. There is just one mode that is necessary for quest progression out of the two available ones.

4. Shape the Destiny 2 Revision Zero :-

Go to any patrol location with the new exotic equipped. And kill enough opponents there so that you can remove the Deepsight Resonance from of the weapon. Make your way to Enclave in Savathun’s Throne World after this is finished to manufacture this weapon there.

The Revision Zero may level up and get new bonuses, just as Osteo Striga. To finish this assignment, use the small side console on crafter once you’ve made the gun. Take this opportunity to level it up Destiny 2 Revision Zero or consider what perks user want to use.

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