Plank Hitbox Rocket League, Updates & All About It!

All hitboxes following the Plank hitbox Rocket League are utilised substantially less frequently than those before them. All of them, though, have great potential and are useful for their intended objectives. Nine car bodies are connected to the Plank hitbox Rocket League, with the 16 Batmobile, Sentinel, and Paladin being the most famous.

Francesco kuxir97 Cinquemani, who won RLCS Season 2 utilising the ’16 Batmobile, and Team Vitality’s Victor Fairy Peak Locquet. Who frequently utilised the ’16 Batmobile in the past, are notable players who have consistently employed the Plank hitbox. The Rocket League Plank hitbox is indeed incredibly effective at ground play despite the usage has decreased.

The game’s greatest surface area or lowest angle are found in the Rocket League Plank hitbox. With so many more options for where to aim the ball, flicks become exceedingly simple. Its length is a solid asset because it increases the force of your flick the farther back a ball is now on the Plank.

On a shorter car like the Octane, it is significantly harder to gain same power. In this we will see all about the Rocket League Plank Hitbox and which cars it is used.

All Types Of Hitboxes In Rocket League:

Plank Hitbox Rocket League

Six standard body types known as Hitboxes are used by each in-game car body. The stats of each car are the same, however the dimensions of each hitbox vary slightly.

  • Breakout
  • Dominus
  • Hybrid
  • Merc
  • Octane
  • Plank

Plank Hitbox Rocket League:-

The Rocket League Plank Hitbox is long, low, and wide, almost resembling a mattress, like the Dominus. Because of its skill in air dribbling, the ’16 Batmobile is still one of the most well-liked vehicles in the game, but users won’t be taking home many Rule 1 victories in this one. The following Rocket League vehicles will fit in the Plank hitbox:

  • 16 Batmobile
  • Artemis/Artemis G1/Artemis GXT
  • Centio
  • Mantis
  • Paladin
  • Sentinel
  • Twin Mill III

Keep an eye out for any upcoming releases to see if any new vehicles fit your preferred build and play style because any new vehicles will also fit within these Rocket League hitboxes.

What Are The Strong Point Of Plank Hitbox Rocket League?

Plank Hitbox Rocket League

Despite being able formidable force in the air and on the ground. The Rocket League Plank hitbox may not be the ideal option for 50/50s with the other cars due to its lack of height. But driving well can help you achieve enormous success.

As Fairy Peak has consistently outperformed opponents using the 2016 Batmobile in 1v1. A situation in which challenges and 50/50s are perhaps of utmost significance. The Merc hitbox, and is at the other extreme and towering over the Plank Hitbox Rocket League, is the other extreme.

What Are The Weak Point Of Plank Hitbox Rocket League?

The Rocket League Plank Hitbox contains a single significant weakness. Which was already mentioned its height. The Octane is approximately seven units taller than The Plank, which stands at a meagre 29.39 uu.

Since the ball can go directly over or under your car if you are not properly centred. This puts Plank users at a severe disadvantage when facing challenges from the opposition, which can be disastrous for the defence.

Of course, kuxir97 had demonstrated that reliable accuracy is possible, but the smaller area on the car’s nose can be problematic in any circumstances that require it.

What Are The Characteristics Of Rocket League Plank Hitbox?

The Rocket League Plank hitbox stands out for two characteristics. First, it is incredibly long 128.82 uu even longer than the Dominus. It gains a significant portion of the Dominus’s aerial capabilities as a result, which makes it immensely powerful in the air.

The Plank hitbox Rocket League which is the biggest in the game at 84.67 uu, is the car’s second standout feature, which makes it really stand out. You are effectively dribbling on, well, a plank because of its length.

Due to the Rocket League Plank hitbox’s low height, the ball could fall off when you’re not careful. However, due to its enormous surface area. It provides a larger region for placing the ball for flicks or carrying them out with its absurd length.

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