Otto Mount WoW – How to Get?

Most players have found the Otto Mount WoW already. If you are looking for the steps to obtain the secret Otto Mount from WoW Dragonflight, here’s GA guide to get the otter secret mount from WoW Dragonflight expansion now.

In the latest patch update on WoW Dragonflight expansion, players are finding a new secret Otto Mount that can be found using a secret finding discord in WoW Dragonflight. Otto Mount is the one amongst the last set of hidden secrets in WoW Dragonflight.

Basically this Otto mount is found via fishing on WoW Dragonflight, then you need to trade coins and aquatic shades to finally get the Otto Mount in WoW Dragonflight. Here’s all guide to obtain the WoW Dragonflight expansion Otto Mount otter easily in the game now at our GA end.

Otto Mount WoW – How to Get?

Otto Mount WoW

First you can go to Ohn’ahran Plains near the way point and visit the vendor NPC named the Great Swog, and you can exchange coins or trade gold coins initially. Then you must also exchange the coins of the isles to the NPC vendor again, you can do fishing to get these special coins at the isles.

Then you can visit Ruby life pool fishing hole at the waking shores to get more coins and additionally the Aquatic shades are available here too. You can do unlimited fishing here and also at the Large Lunker Sighting to get more coins.

Initially the gold coins and coins of the isles are needed for exchange, then you also need to have more aquatic shades in your bag before obtaining the Otto Mount from WoW Dragonflight expansion.

Get as much as gold, silver and copper coins through fishing and finally you can proceed to obtain the you from the great swog NPC vendor at the isles or even the waking shores too. Then, next you need to move to the obsidian citadel for getting more aquatic shades here.

More About Otto Mount in WoW Dragonflight Expansion 

Otto Mount WoW

Again you need to do fishing and fill your barrels and bags, here are the best options again to get the otter mount in WoW Dragonflight.

Getting your Empty Fish Barrel – explore the  dive bar spot from the Waking Shore which is at the obsidian citadel. Get your new Aquatic Shades after this phase.

Get a new debuff called  Dance, Dance ‘Til You’re Dead from the dance mat and find the empty fish barrel again.

Frigid Floe Fish – go to Iskaara village and then you can do more fishing again here.

Calamitous Carp – go to the lava way and get around 25 Calamitous Carp on to your bags

Kingfin, the Wise Whiskerfish – go to the Algeth’ar Academy and get one here.

Now go to Hissing Grotto at waypoint with the available full barrel and finally you can get your hands on the Otto Mount the otter mount secret from WoW Dragonflight expansion.

Put and keep the barrel at its place, grab your own Otto the otter mount secret in WoW Dragonflight and enjoy now gaming in the WoW Dragonflight expansion game. That’s how players can get the new secret Otto the otter mount item from WoW, follow these GA steps to get the secret Otto Mount easily in WoW Dragonflight now.


That’s everything about the Otto Mount WoW Dragonflight expansion from our GA end. All steps to get the Otto Mount secret otter mount in World of Warcraft Dragonflight expansion has been shared here at our Gaming Acharya end.

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