Hanyuuda Chizuru Genshin Impact – Complete Details

Many of them are not aware of Hanyuuda Chizuru Genshin Impact for the past 2 days. Hanyuuda Chizuru is an NPC who is there in the ongoing Genshin Impact Akitsu Kimodameshi event. Here’s everything about Hanyuuda Chizuru Genshin Impact and the Akitsu Kimodameshi event from our GA end.

This new Akitsu Kimodameshi event had started on 15th Dec 2022 and will be available till Jan 2, 2023, for all Genshin Impact players, throughout the event travelers need to find clues and complete the missions, and finally, you will have to speak up with Hanyuuda Chizuru in the end.

Genshin Impact players now have a chance to win a lot of rewards and bounties, as this new Akitsu Kimodameshi event has plenty of quest series to complete and the time period is longer too. Here’s all about the Hanyuuda Chizuru Genshin Impact NPC and more in our GA guide.

Hanyuuda Chizuru Genshin Impact – Complete Details

Hanyuuda Chizuru Genshin Impact

Hanyuuda Chizuru is an aggressive NPC in Genshin Impact, the girl is coming back to an exclusive event after 100 years, she was there in the Chinju Forest and is now back for the Akitsu Kimodameshi event to help the travelers in the end too.

Hanyuuda Chizuru is a mysterious identity in Genshin Impact and most of the travelers only get to know about her during this event that she’s an exclusive event based NPC. Chizuru is always bold and daring in Genshin Impact, her courageous traits made her a valiant NPC force against her enemies for a while.

Chizuru was earlier an Youkai race object and is a tsukumogami type in Genshin Impact, Chizuru is from the famous Inazuma region. Chizuru has been witnessed as a mysterious lady from the test courage Genshin Impact event and many wanderers were shocked to see her presence in the Chinju Forest regions.

Again Chizuru also has given a warning to all the Genshin Impact travelers since the past week, as Hanyuuda Chizuru has clearly instructed her travelers to not come at her else they will be trapped and killed immediately. But anyhow at the end of Akitsu Kimodameshi event on Genshin Impact, travelers must speak out with her eventually.

More About Hanyuuda Chizuru in Genshin Impact

test courage Genshin Impact

Hanyuuda Chizuru also made a shocking revelation to the travelers that she is a Hagoita, and even Lord Kamai and samurai played Akitsu Hazura with her and it happened almost 100 years back too. Also again Kamai Kenji and Yanagibashi Takuto played her as a hagito.

Then after a result of these friendships, Hanyuuda Chizuru became a lone NPC in Genshin Impact and she even restrained herself from others for these much years inside the Chinju Forest regions itself.

Right now in the Akitsu Kimodameshi Genshin Impact event, Hanyuuda Chizuru will be available in the final event called the Currents of Life. Once your interaction is done with the other NPCs, you are all set to speak with Hanyuuda Chizuru in the final phase of Genshin Impact new event.

Visit the small rock formation on the beach and then your interaction with the mysterious NPC girl Hanyuuda Chizuru happens and then you can also complete the Akitsu Kimodameshi event in Genshin Impact finally. That’s everything about this exclusive event based NPC on Genshin Impact, the powerful and mystery Hanyuuda Chizuru girl here at our GA end.


That’s a wrap on Hanyuuda Chizuru Genshin Impact news from our end. Hanyuuda Chizuru is an exclusive NPC for this new Genshin Impact event, stay tuned to GA for more exclusive news on Hanyuuda Chizuru.

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