Landon Donovan Rocket League Collaboration Latest News

Landon Donovan Rocket League is always an exciting news. Landon Donovan is a former legendary soccer player for USA and not many know that the soccer veteran is a great Rocket League fan and he secretly plays for an e-Sports club too.

Here’s all the latest exclusive news and updates on Landon Donovan Rocket League collaboration, decal and more here in GA end. Landon Donovan x Rocket League is on the cards once again with Landon Donovan Rocket League decals being trending widely already.

Landon Donovan used to play Rocket League for some clubs and he was an inside player too. Landon Donovan also turned up as a commentator on ESPN for Rocket League Spring Series NA finals once in 2020.

There are even decals based on Landon Donovan for Rocket League and many decal pictures and videos of Landon Donovan are viral already. Landon Donovan decal on Tik Tok was a smashing hit earlier with 13 to 14 million plus views too.

Landon Donovan Rocket League Collaboration Latest News

Landon Donovan Rocket League

There are news and updates that Rocket League x Landon Donovan Collab might again happen in recent days. And Landon Donovan might turn up as a commentator for yet another Rocket League tournament or other e-Sports tournaments from 2023.

Though Rocket League and Psyonix haven’t yet confirmed anything about Landon Donovan collaborating with Rocket League, the news is rife that Landon Donovan is surely going to collaborate with Rocket League once again, let’s see what is transpiring in the coming days from both the Rocket League and Landon Donovan ends.

Landon Donovan will always be known as the legendary USA footballer who had taken America into the knockout stages of a world cup. Now the veteran Landon Donovan is all set for his second innings with Rocket League once again too.

Rocket League Landon Donovan Decal & More 

Landon Donovan Rocket League

Again there have been numerous leaks on Rocket League x Landon Donovan based Decals, items, wheels, and cars. However, nothing about Landon Donovan based items and cosmetics in Rocket League has been confirmed officially by the team of Psyonix.

But 2023 will see the return of Rocket League x Landon Donovan and other major collaborations from Psyonix, as they tend to take Rocket League’s reach to the pinnacle from 2023 onwards. You can most likely witness the Landon Donovan Rocket League items and decal in 2023 from the item shop.

As of now no confirmed news about Rocket League x Landon Donovan is available from the team of Rocket League and their developers too. But for some reasons Rocket League and Landon Donovan have been trending for the past few days, especially on the Tik Tok platform with the decal videos of Landon Donovan too.

You can watch Landon Donovan Rocket League videos and decals on tik tok and also his inside gaming video on the platform too. Landon Donovan is all set to become the commentator once again during the next Rocket League tournaments too in 2023.


That’s everything about Rocket League Landon Donovan news from our GA end as of now. Expect more news about Landon Donovan x Rocket League collaboration sooner from Psyonix.

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