Genshin Impact Youtube Premium: Get Free!

Genshin Impact Youtube Premium: You must have heard about Genshin Impact YouTube Premium. Yes, you heard it right there is a new offer that is being released by Genshin Impact X Google play.

Recently on December 16, 2022, all the players of Genshin Impact must have received an email, regarding the special offer given by Genshin impact X Google play that they will be offering a free trial of YouTube premium.

So today, and in this article, we will be covering a brand new topic that is related to the Genshin Impact YouTube premium. So without any further ADO let’s get started on the new roller coaster ride of the topic.

Genshin Impact Youtube Premium: Details

Genshin Impact Youtube Premium

The players of Genshin impact received an email on December 16 2022. The message which was in the email states that:

“Dear Traveler, Good news! Genshin Impact has partnered with Google Play to offer you 3 months of YouTube Premium, on us. YouTube Premium is everything you love about YouTube – ad-free and uninterrupted. Redeem this special reward now before the offer expires.”

Basically, the new crossover among Google Play Genshin impact drops out this news from nowhere. But after going through the details it can be said that this is a worth making deal. So now let’s cover the important aspect related to this cross which is Genshin impact YouTube premium.

To get the actual crossover you just need to tap on the claim now button. But this offer of Genshin impact X Google play YouTube premium is only allow new YouTube users to claim the offer.

Genshin Impact Youtube Premium: 3 months free trial

So the crossover of Genshin Impact acts Google Play offers the player of free YouTube trial for the premium version of YouTube. And this offer is only available in the United States. That means only the player who is based in the United States is able to avail of this YouTube premium free trial.

Likewise in the United States, the user who hasn’t tried the YouTube premium version can use this free reward.

The most important thing about the Genshin Impact YouTube premium is this crossover is only valid till may 31st 2023 until 11:59 p.m. and the age to avail of this offer must be 18 or older than this.

Genshin Impact Youtube Premium: How To Claim The Offer

Genshin Impact Youtube Premium

Now let us discuss how you can claim the new offer offered by the crossover of Genshin impact Google play which is the Genshin impact YouTube premium.

Firstly when you open the screen you will see a message that will be showing complete your purchase after clicking the tried free button you just need to follow these step mention below.

  • Costly you just need to click on the Blue button that will be stating start 3-month trial. To claim the three-month free service.
  • After the completion of 3 month the monthly charges will start and you will use Paypal and the credit card to make the payment.
  • But if you don’t want to carry forward the membership you can easily cancel it out before the billing period.

Genshin Impact Youtube Premium: More Details

Genshin Impact YouTube premium that are lot of services you may get after unlocking the free 3-month trial of YouTube premium offered by the crossover of Genshin impact X Google Play.

  1. There will be no ads while watching the YouTube videos.
  2. You can freely access the YouTube music premium.
  3. The downloading process of every video will be easy with use of background play.
  4. Andy players will get the channel membership benefits to support channel.

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