How to Test of Courage Genshin Impact 2022

To Test of Courage Genshin Impact, go to the Quest menu, then to the Story sub-menu, and finally to the second page. This is where you will discover all forthcoming Hangout Events. When you click on Chongyun and confirm, a window will open asking whether you want to pay two story keys to unlock “Signs of Evil,” yes, and you’ll get the first task. You must fulfill eight daily commissions to obtain Story Keys.

In-game, the purple quest symbol represents daily commissions. You get four each day, and each one rewards you with 250 Adventure EXP and a tiny quantity of Primogems. After completing eight of these commissions, you’ll earn a narrative key. The tasks themselves are usually brief and involve defeating enemies.

How to Test of Courage Genshin Impact 2022

Test of Courage Genshin Impact

Teleport to the bottom Wuwang Hill Waypoint and travel north until you meet Uncle Jia, who may be spoken to. He’ll describe the Test of Courage and discuss a drink that the participants must consume to increase their energy, which heightens their senses and allows them to see ghosts. Chongyun has never heard of this drink and is hesitant to try it. Chongyun will eventually say something. When phrased that way, it’s difficult to say no this will offer you two options:

Follow the path upper east to track down a scene, and there’s a many individuals on the planet, and there’s a many individuals on the planet. You’ll be given a choice, yet both selections result in the same result. Despite your efforts to persuade him that it’s just a game, he is set on ensuring that no evil spirits are there.

How to Test of Courage Genshin Impact 2022

How to complete Test of Courage Genshin Impact

Go to the Kamisato Estate and talk to Ayato and Test of Courage. He’ll register you for the Test of Courage, which takes place in Chinju Forest. After chatting with him, leave the Kamisato Estate through the gates to meet Arataki Itto, who will force you to assist him in scaring the other participants. After that, proceed to Chinju Forest through the trail from Kamisato Estate to meet the Shrine Maiden, who will invite you to choose a companion.

You can choose from Ayaka, Kazuha, and Gorou. You can talk to all three to hear their conversations, then choose a partner when you’re ready. The first exam will begin once you’ve chosen a partner. You must locate Dango Milk. Progress forward with the path until you arrive at the junction displayed above, then turn left. Keep following the signs until you come to Itto, then, at that point, go on until you see the container of Dango Milk before a scarecrow.

Collect them by interacting with the Dango Milk. Approach Ei after Kazuha has left to chat with her. Then follow the quest marker to Itto, who is startled by a swarm of youngsters. You’ll meet a mystery woman and lose consciousness before speaking with Heizou. In the wake of talking with him, the mission will actually want and you will actually want to start the accompanying Occasion Journey: Akitsu Yuugei.

Test of Courage Genshin Impact Missions

Head northeast to find two couples and a Strange Smoke; engage with them in any sequence, and this is where your prior decision of taking the potion alone or with Chongyun comes into play.

Walk a little north to cause a scene, and Chongyun will tell you that he’ll stay here to avoid alerting any ghosts, which will conclude the mission and bring you to the next quest: Deeper – Do Not Warn Your Quarry. 

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