How to get Mr Beast Glider Fortnite?

How to get MR Beast glider Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1? Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 has unleashed the new Winterfest Event for 2022 as a way to commemorate Christmas for the players. The new Fortnite x Mr Beast Collaboration is also happening now and here’s the best guide to buy the Fortnite Mr Beast glider Fortnite.

Jimmy Donaldson the popular American YouTuber is popularly known as Mr Beast and after a long time the youtuber is making his way to the battle royale game finally.

Fortnite x Mr Beast Collaboration will begin from 17 Dec, 2022 with new set of survival challenges for the Fortnite gamers. You can take part in this Fortnite Winterfest event and win many Mr Beast cosmetics and outfits, and many Fortnite players stand a chance to win a whopping 1 Million USD.

How to get Mr Beast Glider Fortnite?

How to get Mr Beast Glider Fortnite

The Beast Glider or Beast Umbrella Glider on Fortnite can only be earned through the MR Beast Survival challenges which will be unlocked from 17 Dec, 2022 officially by Epic Games. You need to win the Mr Beast challenges and score more points before grabbing the Fortnite Beast Glider Umbrella.

The beast brella umbrella glider on Fortnite Chapter 4 is already adored by most of the players, but your wait may take even more time during this amazing Fortnite Winterfest event. And there are several preludes before you can obtain the Fortnite Mr Beast challenges and rewards along with the beast brella.

Before the Mr Beast Fortnite challenges go live on Fortnite, the Beast map has already been made available since 13, dec. Once the Mr Beast Survival challenges on Fortnite go live from 17 Dec, you must get the access from the competitive tab on Fortnite or else you can also just enter the 7990-6907-8565 code from the island code menu.

Again Fortnite players should enable two-factor authentication and your player account level must be at a minimum of 15 or above.

And finally, participate in the Fortnite Beast Survival challenges and make sure you belong to top 100,000 positions in the Fortnite x Mr Beast to obtain this Fortnite Beast Bella Umbrella Glider finally to your inventory account.

How to Get Fortnite Mr Beast Glider for Free? 

How to get Mr Beast Glider Fortnite

Unfortunately Fortnite players won’t be able to get the Mr beast umbrella glider for free. As Epic Games has not decided to give away the beast brella umbrella glider for free to all the Fortnite players as of now. You must accomplish all the Fortnite Mr Beast Survival challenges to get the Beast Glider Umbrella.

So take part in the Mr Beast Fortnite survival challenges from 17th dec on Fortnite to get Mr Beast Glider Umbrella and other Mr Beast Fortnite skins and cosmetics easily.

There are a total of 11-12 Fortnite Mr Beast items and cosmetics during the Fortnite Winterfest event and you can win everything by completing the Fortnite Mr Beast Survival challenges easily.

That’s how you will be able to obtain the Fortnite Mr Beast brella umbrella glider and there are no free ways to get the Fortnite beast glider as of now too.


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