Ragnarok Arena Best Job – Ragnarok Arena Class Tier List

Are you all confused about the Ragnarok Arena Best Job tier list and stats? Ragnarok Arena is a mobile-based strategy RPG that has fantastic battles for gamers. The game has 6 classes which are considered as the jobs for Ragnarok Arena, here’s all about Ragnarok Arena Best Job Tier List guide at GA.

As of now, Ragnarok Arena Best Job can be classified into 6 types. Yes, Ragnarok Arena has 6 classes and every class is powerful and explosive with its own stats and skills.

To win the battles in Ragnarok Arena, you not only require a strategy, additionally, but you must also deploy the best tanks and units of Ragnarok Arena with the best job and classes for all the battles. Here’s all about Ragnarok Arena Best Job with a class tier list of this strategy RPG game here at our latest GA guide.

Ragnarok Arena Best Job – Ragnarok Arena Class Tier List

Ragnarok Arena Best Job

As of now, Ragnarok Arena has 6 unique and different classes, all these Ragnarok Arena class tanks have different jobs and roles to play. Here’s the Ragnarok Arena class tier list.

  • S Tier – Mage
  • A Tier – Swordsman, Merchant
  • B Tier – Acolyte, Archer
  • C Tier – Thief

These are the 6 available Ragnarok Arena classes as of now. These 6 Ragnarok Arena classes have different job roles to play like DPS, Tank, Healer, Support etc.

Here’s an overview of all the Ragnarok Arena Class with their stats and skills.

Ragnarok Arena with the best job


Archer basically plays the role of the DPS class in Ragnarok Arena. But archer is versatile and can be used as DPS, Tank, and Support too. Archer has excellent HP stats and a decent ATK, DEF. The Archer class in Ragnarok Arena is always known for dealing huge damage.


The mage is stronger in range damage in Ragnarok Arena. The mage can deal colossal burst damage. Mage is overall a powerful DPS tank. Mage is good in AoE and single-target attacks. The mage can be a good pair for any team composition and combination in Ragnarok Arena.


Acolyte is a powerful healer from Ragnarok Arena. Acolyte provides unlimited buff and hp to its allies. Acolyte has very good critical damage rate and defensive skills in Ragnarok Arena. Acolyte provides great healing and support. Acolyte nullifies its opponents skills with a special skill.


Swordsman is an attacker. Swordsman can deal AoE targeted attacks in Ragnarok Arena. Swordsman is a melee tank and a DPS class from Ragnarok Arena. Swordsman has powerful Def and HP. Swordsman uses Bash and Dragon Breath for all the battles.


Merchant is a melee tank and can deal explosive damage on all range. Merchant holds high HP and ATK stats in Ragnarok Arena. Merchant plays dps and supports job role in Ragnarok Arena. Merchants can buff its allies by providing HP and damage to all the units. Merchant is one of the best tanks from Ragnarok Arena.


Thief is a DPS class with powerful ATK and HP. The thief has double attack and sand attack as its basic skills in Ragnarok Arena. The thief can dodge and unleash a cross impact, can heal its allies. A thief has the potential to unleash a massive damage for any range of targets in Ragnarok Arena.


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