How to Fix WoW Duplicate Unique Key, Error 134?

Wow Duplicate Unique Key fatal crash error has comeback to haunt the World Of Warcraft Dragonflight expansion gamers and players. WoW Duplicate Unique Key 8783, WoW error 134 solutions are here at our GA end.

Even blizzard entertainment has posted about the latest WoW Dragonflight issues on their site. A fatal crash for quest elementary my dear drakanoid, they further shared about Duplicate ‘unique key’ 8783 found for the ID 1572 on table ItemBonusListGroupEntry.

Most of the WoW Dragonflight players from the USA servers seem to have gotten this WoW duplicate unique key error. For many WoW players, the quests are getting a crash for either first boss or the upcoming bosses. So WoW Dragonflight Duplicate Unique Key is all about a crash and error. Here’s how to fix WoW Duplicate Unique Key and error 134 WoW easily at GA.

How to Fix WoW Duplicate Unique Key, Error 134? 

WoW Duplicate Unique Key

Okay now let’s see the best steps to resolve World Of Warcraft Duplicate Unique Key crash and WoW error code 13 here in GA. There are many solutions to fix WoW duplicate unique key crash.

Players of WoW can try restarting their console, clearing all the cache, reinstall WoW, renaming the game’s folder, run WoW as adminstrator. The WoW error 134 is a fatal condition crash, as most of WoW users get this WOW Error #134 (0x85100086) Fatal Condition error on their screens.

If this is not an issue from WoW client server end, then you have to make a not on these from your end so that the WoW error 134 fatal crash doesn’t occur anymore. Then also check your internet connection while playing WoW.

More About the WoW Dragonflight Unique Key Cras

WoW Duplicate Unique Key

To get complete access to WoW, there are some preludes set by Your must have an access to admin, no corrupted files should be there which will hamper WoW speed. The cache folder files and date for WoW Dragonflight may have some corrupted files, again fix this from the WoW installation folder.

Duplicate unique key 8783 is a World of Warcraft global crash error after a while. Many have advised to delete cache folder files for WoW to overcome the duplicate unique key 8782 for ID 1572 and other WoW related issues easily.

Delete the cache files and date in the WoW directory path to fix duplicate unique key and error #134 WoW. Upgrade the security programs on WoW. Also update your drivers, OS, GPU drivers to clear the World of Warcraft #134 error codes.

You can also run the repair tool for WoW and uninstall the game to solve the duplicate unique key fatal crash global error finally. If nothing works at resolving WoW fatal crash duplicate unique key 8782 and error 134 WoW, then contact the technical team support of WoW and blizzard entertainment or for solving everything now.


That’s everything about WoW duplicate unique key fatal crash error and WoW error 134 fatal condition solutions from our Gaming Acharya end. All solutions and steps to resolve and fix WoW duplicate unique key fatal crash 8783 and WoW error 134 are shared at our GA end here now.

We will come back with more solutions and steps to fix WoW error 134 code and WoW duplicate unique key fatal crash global error 8782 here at our GA soon. Till then try the above mentioned steps to fix WoW Duplicate Unique Key fatal condition error code crash and 134 error WoW for now.

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