Big Run Results Splatoon 3: Full Info!

Big Run Results Splatoon 3: When it comes to video games Splatoon is the name that strikes in the mind as 3rd person shooter video game which is developed by Nintendo. Ab multiplayer online game which is being released on September 9, 2022, has massive favourable reviews and critics.

Alongside with the video game, the Splatoon 3 comes with big events like big Run event. So basically in this blog, we will be reading about Big Run results Splatoon 3. We Will We covering each and every aspect related to big Run results Splatoon 3.

The video game is being played on the basis of being an inkling or octalling the video game as full of imaginary weapons with divorce ability and household objects. So without any further delay let us start with days block that is big Run results Splatoon  3.

Big Run Results Splatoon 3: What Is Splatoon 3 Big Run?

Big Run Results Splatoon 3

The event was the first big Run event of Splatoon 3. And the event was held the last weekend. And now we are here with the news of the Big run results Splatoon 3. Basically, the events start on Friday, December 9 at 4:00 p.m. and end on Sunday, December 11 4:00 p.m.

This event of Splatoon 3 considered to be the most biggest co-op events among the series history. So if you are unaware of what is big Run results in Splatoon 3 you are in the right place. Let us know more about what is big run Splatoon 3.

Being a part of Salmon Run game mode big Run is an event that occasionally overtake the normal game more stages to salmonid swarms. The event is considered to be the biggest competition and the first ever big run event in Splatoon 3.

Big Run Results in Splatoon 3: The Day Of Results

Big Run Results Splatoon 3

There are 3 waves and in which all the players have to collect eggs. And the manager of the event have the track of those player who have the highest number of egg in the round of 3 waves.

And these eggs are the key to success and the high score. Because as much as eggs you receive in the video game your high score will be depend on it. And the highest score bearer will be rewarded according to the percentile of other player scores.

In the video game the highest scorer will be rewarded with a gold silver bronze or participation locker trophy and Splash tag badge full stop and these all are the rewards depends on how phenomenally a player played.

If we are talking about Big Run result Splatoon 3 so here are the news you are searching for. As per the event the player who came in the top 5% will be rewarded with gold rewards and the player who will get the place in top 20% well receive the Silver rewards. And last but not the least the player who got position in the top 50% will receive bronze reward.

And the player who participated in the game for compensating the bottom 50% will receive participation rewards.

Below is the list given for the data that how many eggs you need to have to score a high score in order to win the game.

  • 137 & Up for Top 5%
  • 113 & Up for Top 20%
  • 88 & Up for Top 50%

If you need to check like what is your high score in the game you can easily go to the top right corner of the screen when the results is out.

The Bottom Line

So this was the blog on Big Run Results Splatoon 3. If you have any query related to this article you can just drop it in the comment section and we will get back to you as soon as possible for a stop.

If you guys didn’t get a chance to participate in the first event of Splatoon 3 there is nothing to worry about there will be more events that will be held by the video game in the future.

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