Rocket League Lofi Girl Collaboration Event!

Rocket League Lofi Girl is going to be an exciting collaboration. A new Rocket League annual event named Frosty Fest is happening and this has straight away brought on the lofi girl for the collaboration. Here’s all about Frost Fest Rocket League event and Rocket League lofi girl collab news at our GA end.

Rocket League is coming with the latest exciting and exclusive annual event named Frosty Fest and a trailer for the same was also revealed too. The winter event in Rocket League will have live performance and songs from the lofi girl.

Lofi girl is a famous France based YouTube channel and the channel has been streaming the lo-fi hip hop music performances 24*7 for over the years. Lofi Girl channel has also amassed more than 1B views on their channel which has brought them to Rocket League for this new annual event.

Rocket League Lofi Girl – All Info About the Collaboration

Rocket League Lofi Girl

Here’s all about the Rocket League x Lofi Girl collab crossover event news and events. Firstly the frost fest Rocket League event commences on 14th Dec 2022.

Frosty Fest will get you the Lofi Rewards, spin chilled-out Player Anthems. The cozy challenges and three limited time modes events are the other contents here.

Get the lofi girl and the winter themed rewards during the Rocket League x Lofi Girl collaboration event. The Frosty Fest event on Rocket League happens till Jan 3rd, 2022. Knock out, Heatseeker Ricochet and Winter breakaway will be the three brand new event modes on Rocket League frosty fest event.

Frosty fest winter soundtrack is going to be a mesmerizing thing for the Rocket League players. Players may purchase the Rocket League frosty fest player anthem for 300 credits each, else for 800 credits get all the player anthems from the frosty fest bundle. Watch these songs on Rocket League YouTube channel also.

  • Flying Sled – Kainbeats
  • Winter Drive – Kainbeats
  • First Snow – Purrple Cat
  • Exclusive Frost Boss Player Title
  • Winter Morning – Purrple Cat
  • Monday – Xander

These are the major events from the Rocket League x Lofi Girl collaboration, and the Rocket League winter season frosty fest event. The event is almost happening for 3 months on Rocket League and it will be very special to. Check the frosty fest Rocket League trailer on the YouTube channel too

Rocket League x Lofi Girl – Frosty Fest Event Rewards

Rocket League Lofi Girl

Here are all the Rocket League frosty fest event rewards that are available for grabs through out this new winter event Collab with the Lofi Girl team channel.

  • Lofi Girl Player Banner
  • Lofi Girl Winter Player Banner
  • Lofi Girl Wheels
  • Lofi Girl Decal
  • Lofi Girl Cat Topper
  • Lofi Girl Cocoa Topper
  • Lofi Girl Headphones Avatar Border
  • Frosty Flake Decal
  • Snowflake Antenna
  • Igloo Topper

Golden gifts from Elevation, Vindicator, and Player’s Choice Item Series’. Golde are also available on the Rocket League Lofi Girl collaboration event. These are all the rewards for the Rocket League frosty event and the lofi girl collab winter event.


That’s all about the Rocket League Frosty Fest event exclusive news at GA. All info about Rocket League x Lofi Girl collaboration event on Gaming Acharya is revealed.

Get ready for the mega annual event on Rocket League from 14th Dec which is the frosty fest event, get ready for the lofi girl performances and the sound tracks along with the famous lofi girl items and rewards on Rocket League.

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