All WoW Patch Notes Dec 13: Details 

Have you all seen the latest WoW patch notes Dec 13? WoW Dragonflight has been coming up with new patch notes every week with new quests and additional updates. Here are World of Warcraft Dragonflight patch notes for December 13th, 2022 at our GA guide.

The WoW Dragonflight patch notes for Dec 13th will bring in new classes and class tuning adjustments as per the blizzard entertainment page update.

The first class tuning adjustments and more new updates have all been included got WoW Dragonflight Dec 13 patch notes, here are the complete patch notes leaks and updates for World of Warcraft Dragonflight Dec 13 from our Gaming Acharya end.

All WoW Patch Notes Dec 13: Details

WoW Patch Notes Dec 13

WoW Dragonflight will have scheduled maintenance for this week. Here’s all about the WoW Dragonflight patch notes for December 13th to December 20th, 2022. Players in the PvP mode of WoW Dragonflight will get access to prestige level 8.

Fortified Bark will now increase the damage reduction for Ironbark to 15% lesser. Iskaaran Harpoon didn’t credit for the Cutting Tusk Equipment, but now this has been resolved for WoW Dragonflight.

Tank characters get an additional threat boost of up to 650%. The damage reduction Passive on all the WoW Dragonflight tanks gets an adjustment now.

Demon Hunter heals 20% target, Charred Warblades can heal 3% of Fire damage dealt initially. WoW Dragonflight essense break damage got an 8% reduction. Demonic Wards for vengeance rank 1, rank 2 passives get removed. Demonic Wards total damage reduction was reduced again by 10% for WoW Dragonflight demon hunter.

For the Warrior fury, the bloodthirst now gives back 2% of your health for PvP and Slaughterhouse rescued healing by 3% for each stack. Slaughterhouse can stack up to 12 times and also a slaughterhouse duration is up to 9 secs.

For Rogue, the Soothing Darkness heal effect is diminished by 50% for PvP and the Hemotoxin healing reduction is up to 35% decrease.

More About WoW Dragonflight Patch Notes for December 2022

WoW Patch Notes Dec 13

For Death Knight, Blood for Blood will increase the damage of Heart Strike up to 30 % mad and Shattering Bone damage gets a reduction of 25% for PvP battles.

Word of Glory healing reduced by 30% for PvP Paladin. Light of the Titans healing also got a decrease by 40% for PvP again. GGuardianof the Forgotten Queen cooldown time for paladin increased to 5 mins now onwards in WoW Dragonflight.

Warlock of WoW Dragonflight Fel Synergy will propel Soul Leech to heal up to 15% absorption. Soul Leech boosts shields up to 5% demon Skin will increase Soul Leech’s absorption by 10% of maximum health in WoW Dragonflight now.

In Death Knight again, Blood for Blood enhances the damage of Heart Strike up to 30%. Again Shattering Bone damage is reduced by 25% for all the PvP battles of the game. Tooth and Claw increase the damage of Maul up to 20%.

For Druid Guardian, the Moonfire damage has been lowered by 20% for the PvP of Guardian Druids. Again the Thrash damage is reduced up to 20% for all the PvP. Finally, the Brambles damage will get reduced by up to 50%. And the Rage of the Sleeper reflects damage also got decreased by 50% gradually.

These are the major patch notes for WoW Dragonflight December 13th to Dec 20th as of now from the team of blizzard entertainment. You can additionally check the blizzard entertainment team page for all about the WoW Dragonflight patch notes for December 2022.


That’s a wrap for WoW Dragonflight patch notes for December 13. Everything about WoW Dragonflight patch notes for Dec 13 are shared here at our GA end.

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