Anno 1800 New World Rising, New DLC, New Challenges And More!

Anno 1800 New World Rising is now accessible. Welcome artists to our Anno cities and let them witness firsthand the booming economy and culture of the New World. Additionally, the brand-new Cosmetic DLC is now accessible.

The pack of Old Town with a nod to one of the all-time favourites in our community, Anno 1404, Anno 1800 lets you live out your mediaeval fantasies. Along with the DLCs, we’re also releasing Game Update 16.

Which contains a number of fixes for bugs as well as game enhancements and modifications. In this post, we will see Anno 1800 new world rising and all new features and updates about this new update. Stay in the post to know more about it.

Anno 1800 New World Rising
Anno 1800 New World Rising

More About New DLC In Anno 1800 New World Rising:-

Players of Anno 1800 can now directly experience the New World’s industrial and economic boom. In addition, players can find new population tiers and additional islands that let them grow their empires. Old Town Pack, a new cosmetic DLC In Anno 1800 New World Rising will be released at the same time.

Players are now able to explore their metropolis’ earlier, more mediaeval roots thanks to this new cosmetic pack. Players in Anno 1800 New World Rising can explore Mnola, the largest island, and utilise more building areas in the New World session. Players can also learn about artists.

The third-tier workers who are brand-new to the New World, have high demand and add electricity and several new production chains. To hold football tournaments, the emergency services facility was upgraded and a brand-new Grand Stadium was constructed.

The DLC also contains a brand-new scenario objective called Pride and Peddlers, where players take on the role of Madame Kahina and discover more about her background. In addition to putting their knowledge of exporting and trade to the test.

This expedition will provide them with the chance to conserve some of the most famous artefacts from the New World and discover additional hidden treasures in the southern sea.

What Is New Challenges In Anno 1800 New World Rising :-

Anno Community, are in for a new challenge with New World Rising. Since this new mission will centre on them, we sincerely hope that you are prepared for welcome Artistas to your Anno cities. We challenge you to join forces and collectively reach 81 million Artistas in your Anno cities by taking up the challenge Cultural Boom.

In Which Price We Can Buy Anno 1800 New World Rising?

In conjunction with the launch of Anno 1800, New World Rising will be releasing a free Game Update that gives players quality of life enhancements like a multi-move option. A revamped construction menu, and a larger selection of New World maps.

On the Windows PC, Anno 1800 is accessible through the Ubisoft Store, an Epic Games Store, and Steam. Players can also sign up for Ubisoft+ to access all Season Pass media on Anno 1800 Day 1.

Anno 1800 New World Rising is available for $14.99 or for $24.99 when purchased as part of a Season 4 Pass, which saves $10 compared to buying each DLC separately. Nevertheless, the Old Town Pack cosmetics set may be purchased separately for $4.99 and is not included in the Season 4 Pass.

What Is New Twitch Drops In Anno 1800 New World Rising:-

A quick note that the Twitch Drops Event still is going on and will be accessible until December 18th. This means that you still have ten days to watch your favourite streamers to earn yourself a fancy Anno 1800 New World Rising banner and mural.

The ability to trigger those drops for a Twitch channel has also been made available to streamers who are not Early Access members. The complete information on this subject can be found in our prior Union Update.

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