New World Winter Wanderer Locations in 2022 Updated

The New World Winter Converge Festival has come, and your new event reputation giver is the adorable Yeti. The yeti is the Christmas spirit, also known as the New World Winter Wanderer Location, with whom you will contact frequently over the holidays. The new New World Winter Wanderer has a lot to offer, including reputation, goodies, Christmas gifts, and additional awards for those who interact with him throughout the event.

New World Winter Wanderer Location

New World Winter Wanderer Locations in 2022 Updated

The NPC The New World Winter Wandered may be found in the numerous Christmas towns that have popped up across Aeternum. There are four New World Winter Villages: Weaver’s Fen, Brightwood, Everfall, and Monarch’s Buff.

Every day, gamers may obtain Christmas presents in each of these communities. So make a note of where they are and attempt to visit them as often as possible. You can farm a new reputation while the event is running. You can achieve the following levels of reputation:

  • Reveler is the first rank.
  • 1000 reps for Celebrant
  • 3000 rep Merrymaker
  • 6000 Joybringer
  • Maximum rep for Holiday Regent

You will, like all representatives, get access to new products. There are several weapons, armor parts, and other items to be unlocked.

How to get rep with the Winter Wanderer?

If you wish to get an agricultural reputation with the Winter Wanderer, you must complete the daily content. Every time you unwrap a present from one of the Winter Villages, you gain 125 rep. If you visit each town, you will get 500 rep every day. It means you gain 12,500 rep merely for taking the present every day the event is active, which is from December 16 to January 11. Not to add that each Settlement has a Tree of Light, which is maintained by Community Board activities. Each of these trees grants 100 rep, allowing you to quickly get to Celebrant.

New World Winter Wanderer Locations in 2022 Updated

That strategy, however, will only get you to the needed repute. To get things from the ranks and stock up on Winter Convergence cosmetics, you must harvest tokens. Winter Tokens and Winter Wanderer reputation may be obtained through Gleaming meteors and locating misplaced gifts. While exploring the planet, you may look for misplaced presents and collect Gleaming meteors that fall at night. If you find these goods, you can return to a New World Winter Wanderer settlement and obtain Winter Tokens to spend on products.

Farming in New World Winter Wanderer

With this limited-time event, many players will be looking for the quickest and most efficient way to level up the Winter Wanderer’s Shop. For the time being, it looks that the quickest strategy is to focus on the current gathering. Not only are these scattered over the area, but players will gain 5 reputation points for each present recovered. Given how much wandering about players do, the ability to constantly pick up presents will result in a lot more reputation gains, as opposed to the Gleamite event, which only occurs at night and in certain spots.

Another thing that gamers should do every day is visit all of the Winter Villages. The Winter Wanderer has one present in each area, which is included within the Bountiful Gift Sack, which players may acquire once every day. Each daily present is worth 125 reputation points, so if all four are collected, players may earn 500 easy points every day. It’s also worth noting that cultivating Christmas gifts offers you Diamond Gypsum, which you can use to advance your skill.

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