How to solve Destiny 2 Override Frequency Puzzle easily?

Have you all solved the Destiny 2 Override Frequency puzzle code? The new Destiny 2 season 19 has finally been launched and guardians have plenty of tasks ahead of them. One among them is the new override frequency puzzle in Destiny 2 Season of the Seraph. Here’s how to solve the Override Frequency puzzle code in Destiny 2 at our GA guide.

Override frequency is a mini puzzle for the guardians of Destiny 2, first complete all the Warmind story campaigns and then move on to Nascent Down puzzle. Now you can collect the Resonate Stems and consume them for getting more Override Frequency.

To solve the Override Frequency puzzle, the guardians of Destiny 2 also need to visit the patrol zone, then explore the sleeper node from Warmind. Okay here’s complete easy guide and pathway to complete the Override Frequency puzzle from our Gaming Acharya end.

How to solve Destiny 2 Override Frequency Puzzle easily?

Destiny 2 Override Frequency

First to solve the Override Frequency, guardians have to visit patrol zone, for which you must use 4 resonate stems. You can go to the event ride patrol One from northern Europa. The orange code text will display, not the last two and go to find the floating diamond. Once you are near the floating diamonds, the screen changes to another color and a music plays too.

Then also find the sleeper node location with the given code hint on Destiny 2, you can explore the dynamo approach on Mars. The word arch in the code is the location to find and solve the Override Frequency. Then with more resonate stems and diamonds you can get more override frequency.

Now explore the eventtide cliffsides with the code, wait for the audio sound. If you are not indicated by a music, then you are at the wrong place . Now get more floating diamonds at the cliffside. Approach these diamonds, interact and also earn the IKELOS weapons in addition to it.

More on Destiny 2 Override Frequency Puzzle and Consumables

Destiny 2 Override Frequency

So once after approaching the floating diamonds and the sleeper node, you get your Override Frequency in Destiny 2. Also you successfully solve and decrypt the Override Frequency puzzle codes easily. But get to know the codes for override frequency along with the resonate stems too.

Mostly these Override Frequency consumables are earned with using the resonance amp in Destiny 2. It’s all about exploring the moon and mars for solving the Destiny 2 Override Frequency code puzzle and obtaining the Override Frequency consumables easily.

But first you must all earn the resonate stems in Destiny 2 season 19 to start this mini puzzle where you need to crack the Override Frequency code easily. If you own more resonate stems, then the guardians of Destiny 2 Season of the Seraph will acquire and get more Override Frequency consumables.

That’s how the players of Destiny 2 season 19 can easily solve the Override Frequency puzzle by cracking the override frequency code and additionally getting the Override Frequency consumables items too.


That’s a wrap for Destiny 2 Override Frequency article from our Gaming Acharya end. How to easily solve the Override Frequency puzzle in Destiny 2, how to find the Override Frequency code from Destiny 2 and how to obtain the resonate stems and Override Frequency consumable items in Destiny 2 are shared here at our GA end.

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