Tower of Fantasy Next Banner 2022: Latest List

The upcoming Tower of Fantasy next banner schedule will contain new characters and weaponry in the game’s global edition, including Lin, Saki Fuwa, and Ruby. The following Tower of Fantasy next banners on the calendar reveal which characters will force their appearance and which fan favorites will return to the gacha framework.

Hotta Studio’s anime game has been open in China for some time, so we realize who will join the list of playable simulacra and how frequently they will cycle.

The most consistent supplier of red nuclei is the ‘HOT’ shop. A single Red Core costs 150 Dull Gems, so budget 1,500 Dim Precious stones for a stack of 10 Extraordinary Orders.

Tower of Fantasy Next banner Schedule

Lin is said to be the Tower of Fantasy next banner, while Saki Fuwa is also a possibility. It will very certainly run from November 9 to November 30, immediately following the Ruby next banner.

Tower of Fantasy next banners

Lin is said to be the next Tower of Fantasy banner, while Saki Fuwa is also a possibility.

  • Saki Fuwa next banner, 
  • Lin next banner,
  • Tian Lang next banner, 
  • Lyra next banner,
  • Annabella next banner

The Chinese variant of Pinnacle of Imagination likewise incorporates various coordinated effort occasions with more simulacra, like Baiyuekui and Marc. Hotta Studio has since said that collaborative simulacra are unlikely to feature in the international edition “because of copyright limitations,” thus their future banners are not listed in the above list.

Current Tower of Fantasy banners

Tower of Fantasy Next Banner

Ruby is featured in the current Tower of Fantasy event next banner, which also includes her Desert Sun weapon next banner and Dreamwalker network next banner. It will occur from October 20 to November 10, 2022.

Both Ruby next next banners have the same probable possibilities as the regular Choice Weapons and Choice Matrices next banners. This is accompanied by the additional limitation that any SSR weapon or matrix gained from the matching restricted next banners has a 50% chance of transforming into Ruby.

Standard Tower of Fantasy next banners

The core Tower of Fantasy next banners are Decision Weapons and Decision Grids. The default pool for bringing in Pinnacle of Imagination weapons or simulacra is Choice Weapons.

The Chinese version of the RPG game has revealed that the restricted Tower of Fantasy simulacra will eventually graduate from the occasional next banner pool to the regular next banner pool. While this implies you will not need to believe that next standards would return on the off chance that the chances weren’t in support of yourself the initial time, it additionally implies they will not have the 50-50 possibility that restricted events next flags give.

Upcoming Tower of Fantasy Next banner Schedule

Tower of Fantasy Next Banner

You can wish on the Decision Weapons next standard utilizing either the gold core store or the dark core reserve, however the probability of getting anything beneficial from either is very low. While both gold and black nuclei can be found throughout the Tower of Fantasy map, black nuclei are far more common, and obtaining the funds to build a full ten-stack Special Order with black nuclei is far easier than with gold nuclei.

In order to account for rarity, the chances of acquiring an SSR weapon from the black nucleus cache are 0.3%, while the gold nucleus cache offers a 0.75% chance. Furthermore, after placing 80 Special Orders through the gold nucleus cache, you are always guaranteed to receive an SSR weapon, whereas the black nucleus stockpile has no such pity system.

That’s all we know for the time being regarding the new Tower of Fantasy next banners. Check out everything that’s now available in the Tower of Fantasy 2.0 update, as well as how to get to Artificial Island in Tower of Fantasy, if you’re curious about what else the open-world game has to offer. It does require you to reach a certain level, so check out our Tower of Fantasy leveling guide if you haven’t already.

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