The Ageless Champion Fortnite Guide 2022

The Ageless Champion Fortnite is a non-player character (NPC) monster found in Fortnite Chapter 4: Season 1. This enemy has a long history in Fortnite. He is, in fact, the overall bad guy across all of the chapters. You may now play as a younger version of The Ageless Companion. This isn’t a battle to be trifled with, since they are rather considerable. We’ll show you where to find The Ageless Companion and offer you some pointers on how to win the battle.

Where is the Ageless Champion in Fortnite

The Ageless Champion Fortnite Guide 2022

The Ageless Champion is a supervisor in Fortnite Season 4 Section 4. To accomplish the Nighty Night quest and get a big 2,000 XP reward, you must vanquish the Ageless Champion. You’ll likewise have the option to loot his remaining parts, which are equipped with an Ex-Type Rifle and a Shockwave Mallet.

The Ageless Champion might be found wandering about on the north side of the primary palace rooftop in The Bastion area. A question mark will show up over his head when he first spots you. Yet, in the event that you don’t escape rapidly, that white question mark will transform into a red interjection imprint, and he will assault. There is no haggling or exchanging with The Ageless Champion. Anyone who sets foot on his fortress is seen as a hostile intruder who must be crushed.

How to find the Ageless Companion in Fortnite 

The Imagined Order is led by the Ageless Companion, also known as the Snapshot of Geno. As previously stated, he has played a role in all four chapters of the game. The Ageless Companion is a boss NPC in Fortnite Chapter 4. However, he isn’t as helpful as the other NPCs in the game. You can’t employ him for your team or buy weapons from him as Helsei can. Rather, he is hostile from the outset.

The Ageless Sidekick can be tracked down in The Stronghold POI in Fortnite Section 4: Season 1. But keep in mind that if he spots you, he will attack right away. He might potentially be anyplace in the vicinity. The Ageless Companion does not remain stationary. Thus, you might need to look around for him. You should go to The Citadel prepared since he will attack you on sight. The Ageless Companion is a powerful boss in Fortnite Chapter 4, and he will take you down quickly if you aren’t prepared.

The Ageless Champion Fortnite Guide 2022

He will use a Shockwave Hammer and an Ex-Caliber Rifle to assault. The Ex-Caliber Rifle, in particular, is an extremely powerful new weapon. The Shockwave Hammer inflicts 75 damage, whereas the Ex-Caliber Rifle inflicts 150. Keeping The Ageless Companion boss in Fortnite Chapter 4 away from you is an excellent strategy to deal with him. Stock up on grenades to keep him occupied. You’ll need your own Ex-Caliber Rifle to take him on.

How to defeat The Ageless Champion in Fortnite 

If you keep The Ageless Champion at a safe distance, he will shoot at you with his Ex-Caliber Rifle, which fires exploding swords that do a lot of damage. If you approach too near, he’ll switch to the Shockwave Hammer, which is even more lethal than the Ex-Caliber Rifle.

We discovered that staying a safe distance away and using the steps to the west of his starting point as cover was the best technique. You’ll be a very tiny target for The Ageless Champion if you stay on the steps and aim over the top of them, and you may make it much more difficult for him by shifting from side to side. His Ex-Caliber Rifle fires very slowly, and he doesn’t move much, so he should be an easy target while reloading.

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