Apex Legends Not Closing, Fix This By Using Below Solution!

Apex Legends Not Closing, this is the issue playes and many of us suffering from. When ever we trying to quit, Apex Legends not stopping. This is not for everyone but many of us getting same result, even we freah windows intall but not process.

However the Apex legends another launcher is already running is happening in the steam also. We do not understand why it is occurring with Apex Legends. However, we’ll work to resolve the problem with Apex Legends running in the background.

So in this post we will try to solve to the issue of Apex legends not stopping. And see other more problems and solutions. Which is occurring nowadays, ao let’s start the article.

Apex Legends Not Closing
Apex Legends Not Closing

How To Fix Apex Legends Not Closing Problem?

In this below paragraph we will see how to fix apex legends not stopping. we just show this solution in the reddit, but it is not the confirmed fix. If this solution will help you let us know.

To check if any programmes are interfering with APEX, try performing a clean boot. Disable any overlay programmes, such as Discord and Nvidia Experience.

This is the solution we get to know with the help or reddit. But there is no official fix for that one. If this fix of Apex Legends Not Closing not work, then we have to wait for the official fix.


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What Is Reason Of Apex Legends suddenly Close In The Mid Game?

The game fails if we use overlay programmes like Discord, Spotify, and similar programmes, according to reports from Steam users. There is a potential that the game won’t run on your machine. A certain FPS threshold causes our game to crash, according to some users.

  • Overlay applications
  • System specification incapable
  • High FPS
  • Active antivirus
  • High graphics
  • Fullscreen mode


Fix For Apex Legends Suddenly Stop In Mod Game :-

Following is the fix of Apex Legends Suddenly Stop In Mod Game, try this out:

  1. On the search tab, look for the Graphics settings page.
  2. Choose Browse.
  3. Locate the Apex folder in your Origin Games directory.
  4. Double-click “r5apex.exe” to add an Apex Legends option to the Graphic settings page after that.
  5. Choosing Options.
  6. High performance should be selected for graphics.
  7. Return to the Origin Games folder and select Apex > Apex.
  8. Right-click “r5apex.exe” and select properties.
  9. Tick the “Run this programme as an administrator” AND “Disable full-screen optimizations” boxes under Compatibility.


Second Solution: Fix By Changing The Game Resolution :-

This the second Solution of Apex Legends Suddenly Stop In Mid Game, if first one not work try this:

  1. Launch the Apex Legends game client.
  2. In the bottom right corner of the game, click the settings icon.
  3. Select the “Video” tab.
  4. Toggle the settings under Display mode to the right till you get Borderless Window.
  5. Alternate the V-sync settings until Triple Buffered.
  6. Decide on 50 as the Adaptive Resolution FPS Target.
  7. Set adaptive super-sampling to on.


Fix Of Apex Legends Crashes Without Error Codes :-

In the best-case scenario, the game files is corrupted, in which case doing a fast repair on Steam and Origin should take care of the problem.

  1. Open the game’s launcher, either Origin or Steam, as appropriate.
  2. Apex Legends can be found in your library.
  3. Clicking on Steam will take you to Apex Legends. The Local Files section of the Properties menu is where you can find Verify Integrity of Game Files.
  4. Click on Apex Legends in our library on Origin to locate the Gear icon next to play button. In the following window, select Repair.
  5. All corrupt files will now immediately removed after the game files have been checked.