Lego Minecraft 2023 Sets Revealed

Have you all checked out Lego Minecraft 2023? The LEGO Minecraft items for Jan 2023 are updated officially. The LEGO Minecraft 2023 sets and models are updated and there are totally 7 new additions, here’s everything about the Lego Minecraft 2023 at our GA end.

All the 7 new Lego Minecraft 2023 items with its price, release date, and total number of pieces are confirmed officially now. The website have showcased all these recently.

Starting from the Swamp Adventure to the Deep Dark Battle, the new additions for Lego Minecraft 2023 are going to be an exciting one for all the Minecraft gamers and fans. Here at GA, we are officially sharing the Lego Minecraft 2023 items, boxes and models listing.

Lego Minecraft 2023 – Complete Details

LEGO Minecraft 2023 sets

Before we reveal about the new launches for Lego Minecraft 2023, here are the official new sets of Lego Minecraft for January 2023 month.

  • The Swamp Adventure
  • The Bee Cottage
  • The End Arena
  • The Frozen Peaks
  • The Sword Outpost
  • The Panda Haven
  • The Deep Dark Battle

The Swamp Adventure 21240

The first Lego Minecraft 2023 launch in January 2023 is going to the the brand new Swamp set which will release on 1st Jan, 2023 and consists of around 65 new pieces. The price listing for the Swamp Adventure is $9.99 USD. A frog like element which which can be ideal for children above 8.

The Bee Cottage 21241

The Bee Cottage is the next best pick for Lego Minecraft 2023 which will be out on Jan 1st, 2022. The set comes up with 254 pieces for a price of around $ 24.99 USD. A buliding toy filled with bee creatures which is sure to be one of the best picks. This set is designed for 8+ age category once again.

The End Arena 21242

The End Arena from Lego 2023 is getting ready for its release from 1st Jan 2023. This pack comes out with 252 pieces. In this model you can explore the new out Enderman, Enchanted Weapons Shulk, Chorus Fruits and End Crystals . The end arena is surely going to be the major highlight from the Lego Minecraft 2023 new launch.

LEGO Minecraft 2023 sets

The Frozen Peaks 21243

The Frozen Peaks comes out with 304 packs and will consist of Stray figure, green armour set. Additionally a goat and a home built based an ice will be seen, wait for its launch from Jan 1st.

The Sword Outpost 21244

Sword Outpost is going to be all about the Allay figure, diamond sword and pigs. 427 pieces for a price if $44.99 is coming up sooner from 1st of Jan 2023.

The Panda Haven 21245

The Panda Haven is going to be all about the panda. Kid’s favorite panda with a huge panda building like structure along with other features comes with 553 pieces for this panda haven sets from Lego Minecraft for a price of $49.99

The Deep Dark Battle 21246

The final model box for Lego Minecraft 2023 launch is the deep dark battle which is coming out with 584 pieces as well for a price of $64.99, this set is inspired hugely on the location from Minecraft. A giant warden like creature can be expected on this set.


That’s a wrap for the Lego Minecraft 2023 sets from our Gaming Acharya end. All the new launches of Lego Minecraft 2023 are revealed at our ga end. The new models from Lego Minecraft will be hitting the stores from Jan 1st, 2023. You can purchase the new Lego Minecraft 2023 products for the listed price as well.

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