Omens and Incense WoW Quest Guide

Omens and Incense WoW is the new quest from the Dragonflight expansion. This quest is all about obtaining sweetsuckle blooms and using them. Here’s the complete guide and pathway for omens and Incense WoW at our GA end.

As already said you need to collect the 5 flowers and grind them for this WoW quest. Get the sweetsuckle blooms and then grind them into sweetsuckle incense, also you have to aid the ohn seshteng for the ritual. For this WoW Dragonflight quest, your start level should be at 62 minimum.

The objectives are so simple for Omens and Incense WoW quest in the new Dragonflight expansion, collect and grind the flowers. Here’s the complete guide to complete the Omens and Incense WoW Dragonflight quest easily here at our GA end.

Omens and Incense WoW Quest Guide

Omens and Incense WoW

You need to completely explore the Dragon Isles locations and obtain 5 Sweetsuckle blooms, then grind them completely into pieces of Sweetsuckle Incense. Finally you may have to aid the ohn seshteng for the rituals too.

Dragon isles has these sweetsuckle blooms flowers in more numbers, but the climate maybe cold also these flowers are grounded to search in the game.

Also, some of the sweetsuckle flowers at the dragon isles zone are burned too, make sure to collect the right flowers to grind them on to incense for the new wow quests. But the flowers are available at dragon isles here and there, so collect and grind them on to incense easily. Then after aiding the flowers, the omens and incense quest will complete easily.

More on Omens and Incense Bugged

Omens and Incense WoW

Also, the WoW new campaign quest which is the Omens and Incense from the dragon isles, the omens and incense quest is bugged by many players of WoW Dragonflight.

For this many players tried to log out and log in, yet it has not worked. But players of WoW Dragonflight just need to abandon all the campaign quest to solve these omens and incense quest bug easily. Just abandon the omens and incense quest to sort it out now on the WoW Dragonflight game.

 Rewards for Omens and Incense 

Players who successfully complete this new WoW Dragonflight campaign quest of omens and incense will be able to get more money, xp, exp points and +200 reputation for Maruuk Centaur.


That’s everything about the omens and incense quest guide for the WoW Dragonflight players here at our GA end. As the complete guide to omens and incense quest, how to fix the omens and incense bugged on WoW Dragonflight are all shared here at our Gaming Acharya end.

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