Battlefield 2042 Fps Boost: How to increase Framerate Settings?

Battlefield 2042 Fps Boost has been a problem for many players. The frame rate in Battlefield 2042 has to be at its best in order to get the best visuals and smooth gameplay. Here are the best GA tips and tricks to enhance and increase the Battlefield 2042 fps boost settings.

Normally a framerate of 60 fps for any game should be okay, likewise, Battlefield also has its own frame per seconds rate along with the other settings. You may have to alter and tweak the in-game settings of Battlefield 2042 in order to get the desired fps rate results for the game.

There are several settings and aspects when you consider the Battlefield 2042 fps rate. Here we will suggest the best frame rate per second for Battlefield 2042 here at our GA end.

Battlefield 2042 Fps Boost – How to increase Framerate Settings for Battlefield 2042?

Battlefield 2042 Fps Boost

As Battlefield 2042 has already been facing several technical bugs and glitches, you need to get the best framerate for Battlefield 2042 for smooth and hassle free gameplay.

You can explore the Battlefield 2042 in-game settings display menu to get the desired framerate, The lightning quality settings for Battlefield 2042 can always be low, and Anti-aliasing Quality can also be at  Temporal Anti-Aliasing High regularly and higher at an average.

For the graphic settings in Battlefield 2042, Film Grain, Vignette, Motion Blur, Chromatic Aberration, and Lens Distortion should be turned off always, all these help to get the best visuals for Battlefield without any bugs or troubles too.

Likewise, for the graphic preset settings in Battlefield 2042, everything can be low. You can keep the graphics quality custom. The texture quality and texture filtering must be turned off, else on at times. Effects quality and lightning quality settings for Battlefield 2042 are turned off too.

The other fps rate for Battlefield 2042 can also be turned off, be it the Dynamic Resolution Scale, Vertical Sync, Future Frame Rendering and the DLS all can be off too further for better framerate settings on the game.

More About Battlefield 2042 Fps Settings

Battlefield 2042 Fps Boost

The terrain quality for Battlefield 2042 is medium, undergrowth quality is low, effects quality is also low, future frame rendering is on, and also disable the NVIDIA reflex low la latency from the Battlefield 2042 framerate settings too.

Disable the parameter settings for Battlefield 2042, play the game on SSD, update OS and the game’s latest version of Battlefield 2042 should not be updated too.

Also keep the GstRender shadow quality at 1 or 0 at max, mesh quality should be off too. Also, the post process graphic preset settings for Battlefield 2042 should be turned off too.

All these can be the major fps settings for the Battlefield 2042 game and it will help you the best frame per second rate for the game even if there are more bugs and glitches.

Then further change the other framerate settings for the game from the pc itself, % USERPROFILE%\Documents\Battlefield 2042\settings\PROFSAVE_profile from the start menu for Battlefield 2042.


That’s everything about the Battlefield 2042 fps boost article guide from our ga handle end. The complete guide and tips to change the fps and frame rate settings for Battlefield 2042 are given here.

The best fps and frame rate settings for Battlefield 2042 along with the tips and tricks to enhance and boost the fps, the best frame rate per second settings for Battlefield 2042 have also been shared here at our Gaming Acharya end.

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