How to Fix the Destiny 2 a Rising Tide Step 3 Bug

Destiny 2 A Rising Tide Step 3 bugged and glitched? The new rising tide quest from Destiny 2 season 19 is on and it has a couple of steps to complete and when ever the players and guardians of Destiny 2 try to complete the Step 3 for A Rising Tide quest, they are getting bugged.

Whenever a guardian is at the Rising Tide Step 3 especially while standing at the market of Eliksni quarter, they are unable progress at that particular moment. Many users of Destiny 2 are fed up with this third step bug already.

How to Fix the Destiny 2 a Rising Tide step 3 Bug/Glitch

Destiny 2 a rising tide step 3

So if you are looking for ways to fix the Destiny 2 A Rising Tide quest step 3 Bug or Glitch, then just stop doing it immediately. As the rising tide quest step 3 is not bugged or glitched actually, as this quest from Destiny 2 is all about a community goal, many players haven’t even looked at the community goals for the same.

As this rising tide quest is completely based on the Destiny 2 community goals, guardians need to return back the elixir quarter everytime you pass on a community goal for this rising tide quest step 3 and more too.

So once you accomplish and complete a community goal every time for this new A Rising Tide Destiny 2 quest, just return to the Elixir quarter on the map regions and then finally also open the H.E.L.M too.

That’s how you solve this new issues for the A Rising Tide quest step 3 from Destiny 2, as it’s completely not at all a bug and many Destiny 2 players still think that this a Rising Tide quest step 3 has been having a bug or glitch till yesterday and even today too.

How to Complete the Step 3 Rising Tide Quest on Destiny 2? 

Destiny 2 a rising tide step 3

So now let’s get back to the real Destiny 2 Step 3 which is to Visit Improvement I: Cleanup and how can you complete this step 3 too for the a rising tide quest from Destiny 2.

Locate yourselves to visit the Eliksni Quarter for scrutinizing all the improvements made and also the clean up too. Then have an interaction to complete all the Eliksni Quarter quests once again. The challenges at the Eliksni Quarter are not at all a tougher one for all the guardians.

Complete all of the available quests at the elixir quarter by doing it with an interaction too. Also listen to the Mithrax for knowing more about the helping of the donations too.  Then donate the captain’s coins too and also complete the community goals too.

Once you are done with the step 3 for A rising tide quest, then complete the balance quests from the Eliksni Quarter which will also be ending on Dec 6th, 2022 sooner.

Finish all the a rising tide quest steps to help and assist the Eliksni Quarter for this current Destiny 2 season of the Plunder. More Destiny 2 season 18 quests are available for all the guardians right now and currently more rewards are being added up too on the D2 inventory from the team of Bungie.


That’s everything about the Destiny 2 a rising tide step 3 quest article guide at our gaming acharya end. As this new a rising tide quest from Destiny 2 step 3 is not at all bugged or glitched here.

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