Path To Nowhere Che Character Review, Tier List and Guide

Path to Nowhere Che Sinner has finally been launched. The long awaited Che character sinner from Path to Nowhere is now available to use for the battles. Players of Path to Nowhere are already deploying Che for the battles and attacks.

Here’s the complete guide and overview of Path to Nowhere Che character review with Tier List, Che sinner’s best abilities and more at our ga end here.

Basically the Che Sinner from Path to Nowhere belongs to the B Tier as he’s a B Grade Rarity sinner, yet a powerful monster for this RPG. Everyone is hailing the characterization of Che from Path to Nowhere. And some of them have started saying that Che is the B Tier King from Path to Nowhere.

The Che Sinner does the Fury job role in the Path to Nowhere game. Che’s predominant strength in the game is his HP, also he holds a decent amount of damage and ATK. The defensive ability of Che is not so good, but can be a good defender at times.

Path to Nowhere Che Sinner Review & Characterization – All Che Abilities

Path To Nowhere Che

The B Tier Sinner Che from Path To Nowhere has a decent attacking speed of 1.07. The HP stats of Che is 1104, while the Che character from Path to Nowhere has 140,120 and 140 as his ATK, DEF and RES respectively. Here are the skills of the B Type Character Sinner from Path to Nowhere.

Double Blades as the Basic Attack, Che deploys his dagger alongside the axe and that can easily deal around 84% physical damage each time. And his ultimate skill for all the battles and attacks is his Happy Hunting. The Che Sinner is extremely good at inflicting all the physical damage dealing and can also produce the core damage while he unleashes an ultimate skill too.

More About Che Character in Path to Nowhere

Path To Nowhere Che

Here are the other major stats of Che from the Path to Nowhere game.

Shackles of Che in the Path to Nowhere Game

Prolonged Hunt – Track mark duration is now increased for 4 extra seconds.

Shackles Sync I – this allows che’s attack speed for an increase in 5% easily

Efficient Hunter – Che’s normal attack will include the third stages too now, also it uses the short knife and hand axe for all the attacks in the game

Energy Overflowing – Che gets 10 points of energy booster points at the start of all the battles once begun

Shackle Sync II – this is the final Shackle one for Che

Is Path To Nowhere a Good Game? 

Path to Nowhere is an incredible Strategy roleplay tower defensive game that has been a rage in the last month. As the game’s characters of Path to Nowhere sinners are mostly only girls, the game is even more intriguing with the most powerful and evil sinners available.

Path to Nowhere tier ranked sinners have already been mentioned at our GA end. Check out all the latest Path to Nowhere sinners and mission guides at our handle to know more about the game.


That’s a wrap for the Path to Nowhere Che Character Review guide at our GA end here. All guide and pathway about the Path to Nowhere Che Stats and Skills, and Abilities from our gaming acharya end are here done now.

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