Visit Improvement 1 Cleanup Destiny 2 – All Details

What’s this Visit Improvement 1 Cleanup Destiny 2? A new Eliksni Quarter community event from Destiny 2 ahead of the Plunder conclusion is up for all the guardians. Here’s all the guide for Destiny 2 visit improvement 1 cleanup and more here.

This Eliksni Quarter community event in Destiny 2 has several activities, guardians also need to collect all the Captain’s coins and need to donate them through the chests and the Helm too.

All these activities, quests and missions are being held to renovate the Eliksni Quarter in the game, here’s everything related to the new community event with rewards and locations.

Visit Improvement 1 Cleanup Destiny 2 – All Details Here

Visit Improvement 1 Cleanup Destiny 2

Eliksni Quarter community of Destiny 2 included a new Rising Tide quest in which many activities are there, during this you will be able to collect all the captain coins. There are several improvements under this Rising Ride quest which are unlocked at various stages.

Also all the improvements of this community event in Destiny 2 will be unlocked once met with enough captain goals requirement.

Here are the set of improvements at the Eliksni Quarter community event,

  • Collect 1 Captain’s Coin first
  • Donate the Captain’s Coin through the chests
  • Visit Improvement 1: Cleanup
  • Visit Improvement 2: The Ether Tank
  • Visit Improvement 3: Comforts
  • Visit Improvement 4:Recruits
  • Visit Improvement 5: Housing
  • Visit Improvement 6: Garden
  • Visit Improvements 7: Town Square

To unlock all these improvements and achievements from Destiny 2 you need to unlock more captain’s coins.

More on Visit Improvement Clean & Locations

Visit Improvement 1 Cleanup Destiny 2

You must donate over 40,000,000 captain’s coins and donate to the helm via chest to unlock this Visit Improvement 1 Cleanup first. You can track everything about the captain’s coins progression on the rising tide quest tab or through all the donation chest.

The best location for the captain’s coins can be farmed at the speed run lost sectors. It’s all about farming through the lost sectors regions for this Eliksni Quarter community event of Destiny 2.

If you are stuck at donating these captain’s coins, just head over to the chests on the tower side. Locate to the main spot of the tower and find the chest near Eva Levante.

That’s how the entire Eliksni Quarter community event of Destiny 2 is happening for all the guardians, you must unlock each improvement by collecting several captain’s coins during the quests. Collect and farm the captain’s coins wherever available and possible to unlock all the missions and activities.


That’s all about the visit improvement 1 cleanup Destiny 2 article guide. As all about the Visit Improvement 1 Cleanup, Eliksni Quarter community event, rising tide quest and captain’s coins for season of the Plunder are mentioned here.

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Is Destiny 2 A Good Game? 

Destiny 2 is an amazing free-to-play shooter game, the game has some of the best and incredible weapons and guns. Your role as a guardian is to find out all the enemies, finish the quests and grab the rewards too at the end.

Destiny 2 has crossed 18 seasons right now, and already the fans of D2 are anticipating the Destiny 2 season 19 which is set to storm the stores very sooner than expected globally and worldwide too. Play Destiny 2 just for its weapons and incredible gameplay.

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